In a homebuilding market that is seeing national builders shutter their design centers in favor of the “cookie-cutter” style of building homes, Fulton Homes is giving buyers more choices. The drive to put the buyer first at Fulton Homes comes from their deep roots in retail, with decades of combined experience in that industry. It shaped the way they approach homebuilding and the options they carefully select for their buyers to choose from.

CEO Doug Fulton says their customers will always have the advantage of access to Fulton Homes’ 13,000 square-foot design center and all the online tools available at to customize their home-to-be. “It’s a trend that allows builders to build homes faster and more profitably but unfortunately buyers don’t get the custom touches that make a house their home,” he said

Fulton Homes has responded to the trend by offering even more choices in floor plans, options and even new “ ultra-configurable” homes. Some of these choices include adding lofts, extra garage bays and even dual master bedrooms.

According to Belfiore Real Estate Consulting in Phoenix, new home supply is down year over year by 22% and demand keeps going up. In fact, for only the third time since 2006, the total number of new home sales increased from mid-July to mid-August, says Belfiore. This puts homebuilders in an advantageous position, allowing them to give buyers less as they scramble to meet the demand. Fulton Homes is taking the opposite approach, while still giving great value.

“This is how we do business,” said Fulton. “We see an opportunity to offer what other builders are ignoring; the right for home buyers to choose a customized home for the family without an inflated price tag.” Fulton points out their Fulton Features program offers many of these features at no charge.