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Interior Design | 27 Jul, 2012 |

Fresh Faces for Eclectic Spaces: Meet Megan Desmond, one of our four, featured up-and-coming interior designers in the Scottsdale area who may have varying styles, but all have one thing in common — their passion for design.

Q. When did you start designing?

A. I started designing professionally in 2005 and joined my mother at Desmond Design in 2007.

Q. Why did you decide to pursue interior designing as a career?

A. Everyone deserves to live in a beautiful space. I love helping people create those spaces. I view the home as an extension of a person and their family. It should showcase their personalities, their travels, their culture.

Q. How would you describe your work or style? Does it have a unique look or feel?

A. Eclectic. I take what people have, their collections, their photographs, their heirlooms, and I work them into our the design. I don’t like buying everything new.

Q. Where do you draw your inspiration?

A. I travel. I find new and interesting color combinations and funky fabrics and tile designs in other places and bring them home to work with. I was just in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and took a photo of a tile floor in an old church and can’t wait to use it as inspiration for my own kitchen floor someday!

Q. What’s one tip to readers who plan to redesign their room/home?

A. Find an interior designer you like, and hire them! Even if that means you will have to take your project a bit more slowly or room-by-room, so you can budget accordingly; you will save yourself so much time, agony and money in the long run.

Q. What are your top three favorite, local store/boutiques to shop for items?

A. Tierra Del Lagarto, Bungalow, Blueseeds

Q. Your most memorable project?

A. The first client I had when I started working for myself was an older bachelor. He had hired a female contractor who questioned the need of an interior designer at first. The three of us melded right away and had so much fun working together. In fact, the contractor and I worked so well together and had such similar visions for the project that the client said, “Just do it yourselves, girls!”  We said, “OK!” It turned out gorgeous! He loved it.

View a couple of Megan’s designs:

Megan Desmond Megan Desmond

Megan Desmond
Desmond Design
(602) 956-3451

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