Easy Kitchen Remodel With Details In Mind

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It doesn’t take a lot for a family-friendly kitchen upgrade; keep these improvements in mind.

The kitchen has always been a focal point for connecting with your family, so it’s important to transform your kitchen into a food- and family-friendly haven. But this doesn’t mean you have to completely remodel the room.

There are a variety of easy options to consider. The first and easiest way to upgrade is changing the hardware and knobs. It is very simple and inexpensive to replace the cabinet jewelry to create an updated look. Replacing the knobs can also enhance other changes or additions that are made to other areas in the kitchen.

Paint is another effective way to revive a kitchen. Layer a new coat of paint to freshen the room, or try out a new color to change the kitchen’s style completely.

If you want to stay away from paint, add a tile backsplash on a wall. Kym Davis, senior interior designer from Premier Kitchen & Bath in Scottsdale, recommends backsplash for homeowners who aren’t interested in a complete kitchen remodel. This is a unique way to enhance the color schemes already in existence.

“If the intent is that they just want to dress the kitchen up and aren’t planning to change anything else, then tile is a nice backsplash,” Davis says.

There are a variety of tile types to choose from, including glass, glass mixed with stone, mosaics and linear tiles.

As for cabinets, those looking to for a change without installing new cabinets can consider refacing the existing cabinets. Use paint to change the outside of cabinets or remove cabinet panels on the cupboard doors and replace them with glass for an updated look.

Ultimately, you want to personalize your kitchen to make it meet your family’s need and fit your family’s style. One unique trend Davis has seen surface recently is departmentalizing the kitchen. For some people, this means having a special section of the kitchen dedicated for food preparation or having sections designated for kids only.

One kitchen Davis worked on included a special breakfast area for kids ages 5 to 8. The kids routinely made their own breakfast in the morning, so Davis worked to make a section of the kitchen kid-friendly.

The breakfast area was in a space that was reachable for the children and included a mini refrigerator under the kitchen counter that contained milk and juice. The toaster and microwave were also in the designated area.

“It worked because the kids could make their own breakfast or mess in one area,” Davis says.

Rearranging appliances and making simple upgrades can also dress up an aged kitchen and make it a more inviting room.

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