What’s Cooking for 2013?: A look at some of biggest kitchen appliance trends and the best appliances for 2013.

Decorating your home may seem like a difficult task, but turning your kitchen into one of the highlights of your home doesn’t have to be. For those who want to stay abreast of the hottest kitchen appliance trends, take a look at what’s on tap for 2013.

Photo: Bertazzoni

Black appliances

It seems like not too long ago everyone wanted a kitchen filled with stainless steel appliances. However, stainless steel appliances require a lot of maintenance, and black appliances are beginning to slowly make their way into the kitchen. “It’s a great, neutral color, is easy to clean and shows less fingerprints,” says Pam Josey, marketing manager for Milestone Distributors.

Photo: Sub-Zero and Wolf

Integrated appliances

While it may be nice to be able to identify every single appliance in your kitchen, nowadays appliances are beginning to blend in with your counter space. “It’s what you don’t see that’s truly impressive,” says Marisa McClure, marketing coordinator for Sub-Zero and Wolf Southwest. Instead of large appliances filling your kitchen with bursts of colors, they now seamlessly blend into your kitchen for a more polished and organized look.

Photo: Sub-Zero and Wolf

Point-of-use appliances

Instead of having a traditional kitchen layout, homeowners are beginning to design their kitchens depending on their specific needs. Instead of having just one area for the refrigerator, you can have an under-the-counter refrigeration/freezer drawer in areas outside of your kitchen to have everything you need more accessible.

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