Scottsdale-based Solar Pool Technologies Inc. (SPT) announced that it has finalized arrangements with to sell the Solar-Breeze NX solar powered robotic pool cleaner at its retail stores and online website beginning in the spring of 2016. is an online retailer of swimming pool supplies and aftermarket equipment based in San Antonio, Texas.

“The Solar-Breeze NX is a robotic, solar-powered robotic pool cleaner and we are thrilled to partner with to make it available for purchase in their stores and on their website starting this spring,” Paul Sim, Solar Pool Technologies CEO, said. “The Solar-Breeze NX is a great fit for their customer base, as many of them struggle with leaves, pollen orother debris in their pool throughout the pool season. The Solar-Breeze NX eliminates the need for hand-skimming the pool and significantly reduces the cost and hassle of keeping a pool clean.”

“Our customers appreciate seeing the latest tools and accessories that will allow them to spend the most time enjoying their pool and the least time working on it,” said Fielding Posson of “The Solar-Breeze NX is a truly innovative product that sets a new standard for pool skimmers and raises the bar for ‘green’ devices in the industry.”

Swimming pools are the second-largest consumer of electricity in the home after air conditioning. By using solar energy, the Solar-Breeze NX can reduce a pool’s energy bill by up to two-thirds. The robotic cleaner also has a chlorine dispenser that releases chlorine evenly across the pool, effectively sanitizing the pool and reducing chemical consumption by an average of one-third.

SPT introduced the original Solar-Breeze in 2011 and it quickly developed a loyal following. In 2015, in response to its customers, the company launched its next generation cleaner, the Solar-Breeze NX, using a crowdfunding campaign through Kickstarter. The campaign quickly surpassed its target goals, eventually raising more than $408,000 and allowing the company to manufacture the next generation device that will be available in March 2016.

Visually, the Solar-Breeze NX appears similar to the original with the same sleek design, but features several enhancements from the first generation device including:

  • New software with a new power management system to enhance battery power management, leading to increased time of operation and improved battery life.
  • The improved power management system also puts less stress on the motors that drive the Solar-Breeze NX, improving the efficiency of operation and extending motor life.
  • A new plastic polymer blend is being used for the top housing of the Solar-Breeze NX to improve its resistance to ultraviolet rays and slow the deterioration of the plastics, leading to longer life for the product.
  • The gear mechanisms at the front of the unit that transfer power from the front motor to the front paddlewheel and bumper wheels are re-engineered to improve efficiency, reduce drag and extend the life of the drive system.
  • The system for detecting when a unit is stuck on an obstacle has been improved to result in better overall operation in the pool.
  • Attachments for the Solar-Breeze NX will be available that allow it to adapt more effectively to pools with rock outcroppings, beach entries and other complex features.

The Solar-Breeze NX will ship in early 2nd Quarter of 2016 and is expected to retail for $558.