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LevRose goes broker-owned, adds retail team

LevRose Commercial Real Estate recently made significant changes to the firm’s ownership model and service areas to prepare for major growth and expansion in 2016.

LevRose partners Jon Rosenberg and Robert Levine recently changed to a broker-owned structure in order to create a more sustainable firm. The new model is designed to encompass an elite team of brokers who meet certain criteria to have ownership in the firm.  Starting with Geoff Turbow and Zak Kottler becoming partners in 2015, the firm has now grown to five partners, including Michael Waxman along with Turbow, Kottler, Rosenberg and Levine.

“Changing our firm’s structure has not only energized our current brokers, but has also allowed us to grow our firm with some of the top brokers in the Valley,” said Rosenberg, designated broker and managing partner. “This past year, we’ve added 5 new brokers to our team. With our new capabilities, we have set ourselves up for success in 2016 and can’t wait to see how LevRose will expand and grow.”

Additionally, LevRose welcomed the addition of a retail team, which is comprised of Trenton McCullough, Peter McQuaid, Greg Vanlerberghe and Mark Cassell, all former advisors for commercial real estate firm Sperry Van Ness. The retail team allows LevRose to provide a broader retail platform, including multi-tenant lease listings to clients as well as retail tenant and landlord representation.

“I’m so honored to be a part of the LevRose team and add a new service for the firm’s clients,” said McCullough, senior vice president and member of the retail team. “It’s a great feeling to bring my extensive experience in retail to a firm that not only treats every client as a top priority – no matter the size of the deal – but that also cares deeply about its brokers. Every broker at LevRose is encouraged to engage in professional development and is given the tools needed to succeed and stand out in such a competitive industry.”

LevRose’s growth and its change in structure allowed the firm to successfully complete more than 200 transactions in 2015, which they anticipate a strong 2016.

Since 1992, LevRose has worked with landlords, tenants, buyers and sellers.  They strive to be the commercial real estate solutions expert for clients making critical real estate decisions. With more than 150 years of combined experience, LevRose’s team has become a market leader in Scottsdale and the greater Phoenix metro area, all while being dedicated to building long-term relationships with their clients.

LevRose has become the go-to expert on the local commercial real estate market to clients and Valley leaders alike. The City of Scottsdale regularly approaches Rosenberg for his advice and expertise on issues such as parking, development and transportation.

“Jon and the entire LevRose team are based locally in Downtown Scottsdale, making them the subject matter experts in the area with intricate historic knowledge of more properties than I could possibly count,” said Danielle Casey, director of economic development for the City of Scottsdale. “Jon is a trusted partner and is truly invested in the community. He regularly offers his expertise and knowledge of the development process to help clients as well as the community make the best decisions possible. He is a delight to work with, and as much a resource to us as we hope we are to him.”

With expertise in both office and retail tenant and landlord representation, sales transactions and property management, LevRose Commercial Real Estate has been serving the Valley since 1992. Locally owned LevRose is affiliated with TCN Worldwide, a consortium of independent commercial real estate firms providing complete real estate solutions locally, nationally and internationally.