Attracting real estate interest has traditionally relied on aesthetically pleasing décor and accessories. Today, vendors can take advantage of an additional sensory dimension—that of strategic home fragrancing. Industry experts, Aroma360, discuss how the art of scent marketing piques buyer interest and even affects the final sale price.

Aroma has long been utilized by luxury brands to instill a sense of elegance and appeal. The human olfactory system is the only sense to bypass the conscious area of the brain, being delivered directly to the region that’s responsible for emotion and memory. This formidable link has been harnessed through the art of aromachology—a proven science that can influence feelings and behaviors through the simple deliverance of fragrance.

The effect of scent is so potent that it’s become the latest technique to be embraced by forward-thinking home vendors. In the driven world of real estate, the bid to attract the viewers with a genuine intention to purchase has never been higher, with scent marketing being seen as the last frontier by which to make a property truly stand out from the crowd.

Tactical Scenting Adds Premium Appeal

Certain scents are proven to evoke positive emotions, and a carefully curated combination of delicious aromas can elevate an open house or viewing experience to one that lodges at the forefront of a potential buyer’s mind. However, the key to artfully targeting this sense certainly isn’t about creating an overwhelming aroma. Such obvious aromas might be perceived as an attempt to disguise a bad odor or, if too overwhelming, can act as a distraction to the main reason they’ve visited—the decision to purchase.

The talented aromachologists behind the bespoke home scent collection of Aroma360 have created a range of subtle scent options with nuances that gently permeate a home with personality. From gorgeous options such as Dream On, a fragrance inspired by the globally acclaimed scent that infuses the interior of The Westin Hotel or that of Little White Lies—a white tea and spirited citrus combination designed for the Hyatt Ziva Hotel in Cancun—it’s possible to select the required intricate fragrance that perfectly complements your property.

From Candles And Reeds To HVAC Scenting Choices

Curated home scenting that actively encourages real estate interest needs careful consideration as to how to best deliver the fragrance. Today’s discerning home seller has a selection of methods of delivery available, including candles, reeds, and the most technologically advanced and effective method of all—that of a home scent diffuser.

Such apparatus was once only an option for large scale operations. But now, thanks to the diffusers developed by Aroma360, home scenting via advanced cold air diffusion has been made available to the public for spaces of all sizes. These diffusers provide the ultimate method by which to deliver a delicious uniform scent—by scenting your entire home simply through your HVAC system. When combining this technique with appropriately chosen aromas, it can create a magnificent impact when it comes to showcasing your home to potential buyers.

Subtle Persuasion For A Memorable Experience

The overriding key for effective scent marketing when selling your home is that of the “less is more” concept. The best-scented locations leave memorable perceptions without a person even being aware of it, such is the power of the emotional cortex of the brain. That’s why the very best home staging events use the therapeutic benefits of the finest quality oils, delivered in a method so delicate that they’re virtually unnoticeable.

Such ingenuity is the epitome of luxury when it comes to showcasing a home, one that not only leaves a lasting impression on a buyer but has been proven to actively increase the intent to buy and the price a person is willing to pay. Such an advantage is surely something vendors need to embrace. With the real estate market becoming more cutthroat than ever, taking full advantage of the proven strategy of scent marketing is perhaps the last step needed to provide that competitive edge.