‘Tis the season for holiday proposals! Nothing is more romantic than surprising your S.O. with the sentence: “Will You Marry Me?”. Use the following tips to think out of the box and make your Christmas surprise proposal as romantic and unexpected as possible.

Fairytale proposal

LED fairy lights are affordable and easy to use for a perfect nighttime proposal.  You can go as extravagant as you want to with these. Try to create a fairytale-like atmosphere with the lights outdoors.  This method will take longer to set up, so come up with a plan beforehand to distract your S.O. while you’re decorating.

Breakfast in bed proposal

Make your partner breakfast in bed and write the question on their coffee mug. The message can be on the mug itself, or, you can purchase a personalized dusting stencil. This proposal is perfect if your S.O. would prefer a private moment between you two rather than something extravagant.

Winter wonderland proposal

If you’ll be in snowy weather during the holidays, consider writing “Will You *Merry* Me?” in the snow. You can either walk them outside to see it, or, take them to a window where they can see the full message. Add some Christmas-themed touches like a mini Christmas tree or snowman. Make sure to have a photographer nearby to capture such a beautiful moment.

O Christmas Tree proposal

Purchase a custom ornament that you can put on your Christmas tree. While decorating the tree, surprise them by putting the ornament at the bottom of the ornament box so that they pick it up last. If you want to wait until Christmas Eve or Day, place it on the tree when you’re ready for them to see it. Make sure it’s in plain sight so they can’t miss it!

Cozy Christmas proposal

Write “Will you marry me?” on a candle or buy a personalized version.  Prepare the perfect, chill night in with your partner. Get cozy with warm blankets, hot cocoa, tea or wine. When you’re ready, light the candle and wait for them to notice. This is another great option for a private, yet meaningful and romantic proposal.

Final tips

Even if your Christmas proposal will be just between you two, try to make every detail special — this includes making sure you both look your best! Schedule a manicure (on you) for your partner the day before the proposal and treat your skin with an anti-aging cream. When planning to pop the question, take into consideration whether your partner would want their loved ones involved and if it should be public or private. Whichever route you choose, get creative and add your own special touch that will celebrate your relationship and love.