A new kitchen is a big investment. You can easily spend as much on a replacement kitchen as you would on a new truck. And potentially, even more, depending on how high-end you want it to be. However, before you get stuck into the design process, give some thought to the following points.

The Budget

It’s best to have a budget in mind before you go crazy and order a brand-new kitchen. The budget dictates exactly how much you can spend on the whole renovation, which includes cabinets, appliances, and all the additional work needed to complete the project.

Be realistic. Don’t spend more than you can afford, and definitely not more than the overall value you can potentially add to your home. A new kitchen is a selling point, but only if it fits the property in terms of style and quality.

Factor in the cost of any extra work you may need to do, such as fix plumbing issues or replace dodgy electrics.

It’s sensible to add on a 10% contingency buffer to cover unexpected costs.

The Layout

The easiest way to build a new kitchen is by sticking to the existing layout. This ensures you don’t need to move any plumbing, gas connections, heating appliances, or wiring. Instead, all you do is take out the existing cabinets, fixtures, and fittings, and swap them for new ones.

This is great if you’re happy with the layout, but it’s a good idea to take the opportunity to see if you can improve on the design. Perhaps the kitchen would work better if the sink was moved to an island or a breakfast bar was added to the layout?

Think about how you use the kitchen. Do you love entertaining but the existing layout doesn’t allow for this? If so, now is the best time to make changes.

Work with a kitchen design company to explore the possibilities; this Expertdc Sacramento area remodeling contractor offers a free walk-through.

The Electrics

Kitchens usually have several appliances, plus numerous power outlets and lights. If the electrics in the property are fairly dated, it’s a good idea to use the kitchen renovation as an opportunity to replace the wiring in the kitchen.

It’s much easier to strip out and replace wiring when the room has been gutted. The National Electrical Code states kitchens need several circuits, so appliances, lighting, and power outlets are all kept separate. Do check your local area codes too, before having work done.

Modern or Traditional

There are many different styles of kitchen, but most are either contemporary or traditional. In a period property, a traditional style might suit, but a modern kitchen is likely to look better in a modern property. However, this is very much a personal choice, so go for the kitchen you like, rather than the one you think you should have.

A new kitchen will almost certainly add value to your home, but if you’re not planning to move yet, make sure it meets your needs.