Cybersecurity is a necessity in today’s business landscape. One strike can have a devastating effect on all areas of your operation. The risks of cybersecurity are no longer contained to the IT department. Everyone has a stake in keeping your business protected.

Why Cybersecurity Matters

What exactly is cybersecurity? And why is it important to your organization?

Cybersecurity is the combination of people, processes, products and technology that protect an individual or an organization and its networks from digital attacks. Cybersecurity can also be known as information technology security, or IT security.

Cybersecurity encompasses:

• Organizational networks

• Cloud-based systems

• On-premise software

• Firewall and endpoint management

• Mobile devices

• Data and applications

The practice of cybersecurity is important because it protects organizations and their networks from exposing financial or sensitive business data, as well as personnel information. It’s estimated that the average cost of a cyberattack is more than $1 million and results in operational/productivity loss.

Cybersecurity encompasses a number of elements, including:

• Awareness: Education and training surrounding cybersecurity threats and how to prevent them

• Assessment: Evaluation and strategic planning regarding potential issues and areas of concern

• Implementation: Design and architecture, security configurations and integration of solutions to protect your organization

• Detection: Firewall and endpoint management

• Incident Response: Discovery and containment of an incident, as well as recovery of damages

A Resource to Help You Make Sense of Your Cybersecurity Needs

The time to be passive and unprepared is over. Building a culture of security is critical for future success and long-term viability. A culture of security reduces cyber incidents, improves system efficiencies, decreases downtime should an incident occur and improves system security.

For many organizations, however, a lack of expertise, understanding and resources prevents them from truly implementing effective cybersecurity efforts.

Our Eye of the Storm guide is designed to help you understand cybersecurity and its impact on your organization, as well as prepare for the future. The guide, put together with Felhaber Larson, discusses:

• The definition of cybersecurity

• The definition of information security

• Common risks and vulnerabilities to cyber incidents

• How to create an incident response plan to prevent and protect from cyber threats

• Strategic approaches for responding to cybersecurity breaches

Cybersecurity poses a huge risk to your business. Now is the time to build a culture of security.

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A Trusted Advisor for Your Cybersecurity Needs

Leading organizations are taking a more strategic approach to cybersecurity and crafting comprehensive, in-depth cybersecurity action plans. But even the most forward-thinking need help to ensure they’re properly protected.

A trusted outside cybersecurity team can help you:

• Implement security solutions to identify and protect your most valuable data

• Align your security initiatives to support your overall business objectives

• Establish processes and procedures to create a culture of security and awareness

• Provide visibility and transparency into the current state of security in your technology environment

• Protect your valuable data

• Identify security gaps and provide solutions to close those gaps and reduce risk

• Supplement your IT staff, extending security knowledge to all aspects of your operation

Eide Bailly can do all this and more. Our professionals deliver comprehensive security solutions including advisory, implementation, managed security and incident response services. Our goal is your success and peace of mind.

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