We’re often told about the things to look for in a home, but we often overlook several things, some we may never even consider. Paula Monthofer, 2017 President of the Arizona Association of Realtors provides insights on top things to not overlook when buying a home with her clients and I believe these tips are something your readers could benefit from.

Paula’s Top Things Not to Overlook When Buying a Home Are:  

1. Consider what it will be like to sell the home. What does resale of this home look like? Professionals know to think in terms of resale during the purchase process as they know one day it will need to be listed again.  

2. Take the time to know the community around the home. Using free apps like Around Me can help you find out how close the nearest Starbucks is for caffeine fiends

3. Talk to the neighbors. These people are going to be living around you, go knock on their door and say hi and ask them about the neighborhood. 

4. What is most important to you? Write that down, share it with your Realtor and do not overlook it when looking at homes. 

5. Is it as quiet on the street on a Wednesday as it was on Sunday? Only way to know if to find out. Visit the neighborhood at different times throughout the day and week.

6. Professionals like to focus on the bones of a home – the foundation, bearing walls and roofs. These are areas which cost a lot of money to repair. 

7. Research your investment. Hire inspectors who are qualified to inspect the home. These may include a home inspector, a pest inspection, a roof inspection, a sewer line inspection and the list goes on so…

8. Use an AZ Realtor who can share the AZ Buyers Advisory with you. This form has information on a myriad of issues which might arise and resources to seek even more detailed information. There is no form we update more and none available throughout the state with more information for anyone buying property in AZ.