Upgrading a bathroom means you have to invest quite a sum to get it done. But the neat thing about that is you will have access to numerous and efficient features that will make your bathroom look more than a mere portion of your home. The following bathroom upgrades will be worth the money! Let’s get started!

Music Is Life

Having sounds and music is one decent way to enhance your upgrade. Whether you install a state-of-the-art sound system in your bathroom or place a neat portable speaker, anything can go! The best part about this upgrade is that you will not have any difficulties making it happen.

Entertainment Extravaganza

When music alone does not do the work, why not take it up a notch? You can set up a small – or a large – television piece in the structure. There are low-voltage and water-resistant television sets that are available in the market today. If you become ambitious, you can also opt for an entire gaming console. Setting one up will turn any bathroom experience into something completely different.

Floating Vanities

Say hello to air! What happens with floating vanities is that they create and welcome an airy feel by opening the space between the vanity and the floor. You have the liberty to pick any vanity for this upgrade, such as drawers, vessel sinks, solid wood planks, and so on. The only catch with floating vanities is you have to consider them early during your bathroom upgrade planning. It can be challenging to plan and set them up once you finish the task.

Showering With Steam

Do you have plans to pay a visit to a local spa but have no time to do so? Why not add a steam shower? The attachment lets you enjoy a spa-like experience without leaving the comfort of your home. But the attachment cannot do all the work. You have to include a vapor barrier, a tight-sealing door, and a wall frame. The last addition would be a steam generator outside the shower area. The steam generator will handle all of your spa steam needs.


Who says bathrooms cannot be fancy at all? A chandelier addition to such a hardworking structure is a welcome one. You can hang such a fixture over your bathtub. Lounging in one will never be the same again! You can also place a chandelier near a window or two. Doing so will allow the fixture to bounce light around the room.

Ravishing Tile Rugs

Skip dull and old tiles for something more artistic. You can remove your old ones with new tiles that have designs and patterns. This approach is one neat way to introduce color and motif to the structure. Plus, it is not that expensive at all!

Medicine Cabinet Madness

Not everything you have to place should be for aesthetic purposes only. You can also include medicinal cabinets. Such an upgrade might not top the others, but it has an important function. Setting one up gives you a storage area where you can place your medicine, toiletries, and other bathroom items. You can organize the cabinet by adding shelves and plastic containers. Doing so will prevent the structure from becoming yet another clutter zone.

Serene Skylights

Do you enjoy looking at the stars high in the sky as you chill in your bathtub? If that is a solid yes, then adding a skylight is a perfect choice. In addition, a skylight will brighten up the entire room. If you have some cash to spare, you can go for operable sky windows. These variants offer ventilation and light. Plus, they come with frames that go well with your other windows.

Fun With Vent Fans

It is paramount that air comes and flows throughout the bathroom. That is why vent fans exist. These additions will improve the airflow in the structure. In addition, vent fans can get rid of moisture from the walls and mirrors.

Homey Hearths

Your bathroom can also be the perfect place to install a hearth. You can relax and enjoy a roaring fire as you have a good one in the bathtub after a long day at work.

Looking For Upgrades

You do not have to go far when searching for bathroom upgrades. You will find a lot in most home depots and hardware outlets in malls and other shops. There is also the option of ordering and buying from online shops. Victoria Plum is one of the many websites that showcases quite a selection of items and additions you can have to make that bathroom shine like diamonds.

To Conclude Things

Upgrading your bathroom takes a lot of planning, time, and resources. But all that will be worth it after you finish the endeavor. The structure will become more vivid and full of life, and any experience inside would be something to remember.