The seats we use are highly responsible for the spine problems that most of us undergo. A chair that is either too lax or too deep leads to back problems and slumping issues. In addition, the more hours you spend sitting on such a seat, the more you expose yourself to harmful postures and, later on, spine issues. The solution to this problem would be acquiring a seat cushion for your chair. A seat cushion will allow for improved spine alignment and relieve back and neck pressures. So, if you are an office worker, have existing back problems, or need to buy a seat cushion, what should you consider before buying one? This article provides you with factors that will guide you through purchasing the best cushion for your chair.

Size and Weight of the Cushion

Seat cushions are manufactured in different sizes and weights. You should measure your chair’s dimensions (depth and width) before knowing the size of pillow you need to buy. A standard cushion measures 17 inches by 14 inches, but this cushion may not fit in your chair. The best seat cushion is portable. You can use the cushion at home, in your car, or in your office. Additionally, choose a cushion whose weight is comfortable for you to carry around. A heavy cushion is the best for seats that don’t get moved occasionally.

The Interior Material

The interior material is an essential consideration because it determines the cushion’s durability and comfortability. The most common interior fills include high-density foam, air, silicone gel, memory foam, and liquid gel. Foam-filled cushions have different densities, steadiness, and weights to adjust their levels of absorption and comfortability. A jelly-like material is what makes gel cushions. Select a soft or hard gel cushion guided by your needs.

The Exterior Fabric

Good exterior material is comfortable, waterproof, washable, long-lasting, and has a pleasing appearance. Some of the best materials to cover your seat cushion are; polyester, suede, breathable mesh, and nylon. Polyester and nylon materials are waterproof and prevent spills and sweat from getting into your cushion. Breathable mesh and suede, on the other hand, are easily washable.

The Functionality

The purpose for which you are buying the seat cushion should be a guiding principle when buying one. For example, are you purchasing a cushion for traveling, pressure relief, coccyx relief, core engagement, or alignment? The function of the pillow will guide you to select a specific size and material. Buy a cushion that relieves you of spine problems, one that is comfortable enough.

The Thickness of the Cushion

The standard thickness of a cushion should range from 2 inches to 8 inches. The exact thickness will be according to your taste. A too-thin pillow may compact excessively and fail to serve its purpose in the long run. On the other hand, a cushion that is too thick is heavy and expensive to purchase.

Today, many people are treated to long hours of sitting, whether at the office, playing video games, or traveling. The best way to reduce the harm that results from such lengthy sitting is to get yourself a seat cushion. Take care of your spine now and prevent future problems.