Treating yourself to a takeout? Be mindful of the hidden fees that can sneak into your Uber Eats bill.

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In a new report, money saving experts at CouponBirds found that Arizona Uber Eats users are paying an average of $4.37 in “hidden fees” for every order — with Phoenix being the priciest city statewide. 

CouponBirds calculated the average price paid (USD) in ‘taxes and other fees’ that appear at the checkout stage of the order for 164 cities and all 50 states, ranking the most expensive locations across the country:

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than treating yourself to your favorite food without having to leave the house. Nowadays, smartphone apps galore are on hand to deliver your dinner, and while it’s all fun and games loading up your digital cart with mouth-watering meals, often the hidden costs and taxes tacked on at the checkout can be enough to make a hungry user lose their appetite. In particular, an experiment by The New York Times found that the combined cost of Uber Eats’ various surcharges was equivalent to a 91% markup on the restaurant cost of a meal, the highest of any of the leading food delivery apps. And since we’re all about saving money at CouponBirds, this got us thinking: where in the U.S. are Uber Eats users spending the most on hidden charges for their takeout?

Key Findings

● On average, Seattle has the highest hidden fees ($12.16) when ordering Uber Eats takeout of any major U.S. city.

● In contrast, Toledo, Ohio, has the lowest average hidden Uber Eats charges ($2.13) of any city.

● On average, Washington ($7.80) and California ($6.42) are the states with the highest hidden costs on Uber Eats.

● Delaware ($2.31) has the lowest average hidden Uber Eats charges of any U.S. state.