January 7, 2021

AZ Business Magazine

How to get a clean car with cooking spray, mayonnaise, laundry baskets

Cleaning and organizing are popular goals this month and your Neighborhood Auto Repair Professionals (NARPRO) are available to share interesting ways to get a clean, organized car.

Cleaning Tools

Cooking Spray

• Spritzing your grille will make it easier to get bugs off. WD40 also works.

• After cleaning your wheels, give them a light coating of cooking spray. It will make it easy to wipe off brake dust.


• If you get tar on your car, pass the mayo to save on elbow grease and get a clean car.

• Slather mayo over the area; let it sit for a few minutes; and wipe with a clean, soft cloth.


• Want to get rid of bumper or window stickers? Cover the top and sides with undiluted distilled vinegar. Wait 10-15 minutes then scrape it off. If there’s remaining residue you can use full-strength vinegar.

• Clean your wiper blades by dampening a cloth with full-strength white vinegar and running it down each blade.

Organizing Tools

Laundry basket(s)

• Skip the multiple trips lugging items into the house. Instead, put a basket in your trunk and fill groceries, kids’ sports gear and more.

Muffin liners 

• No need to worry about crumbs or drips in your cup holders when you use silicone muffin holders. Just remove and wash when needed.

Empty tissue box

• Don’t like the idea of keeping a trash bag in your car? An empty tissue box can collect gum wrappers and other small items.

• You can also stuff the box with a couple plastic bags for larger items.