The Arizona Chapter of NAIOP, the commercial real estate development association, just released its 2021 legislative agenda.

Republicans maintained slim majorities in the state House and Senate in the 2020 election. Additionally, voters passed Proposition 208, which significantly raises income taxes on many small businesses and high-income earners. Currently this proposition is being litigated.

The passage of Prop. 208, which was funded almost entirely by out-of-state special interests, as well as the passage of Prop. 207 to legalize adult use recreational marijuana, made it clear that the Arizona’s Citizens’ Initiative Process no longer serves the purpose envisioned by our state’s founders.

NAIOP is joining with a broad business coalition in pursuing reforms that will restore the original intent of the Citizens’ Initiative Process as a vehicle for residents of Arizona to put measures on the ballot.

COVID liability legislation will be another priority for NAIOP this session. To get the economy rolling again, employers, building owners and landlords need assurances that if they follow CDC guidelines and state and local laws to protect the health of employees, tenants and clients, they will not be subject to lawsuits.

“Our focus this legislative session will be on doing everything we can to help businesses recover from the economic damage of this unprecedented global pandemic,” said NAIOP Arizona President and CEO Suzanne Kinney. “This includes reforms to our tax code that will incentivize growth and investment and make Arizona a competitive location for new and expanding businesses.”

Reducing the commercial property tax assessment ratio remains one of NAIOP’s top policy priorities. The association also supports protecting existing economic development tools for projects that create jobs and contribute to regional economic growth. Addressing the housing affordability challenge is an emerging issue that NAIOP will stay on top of so that the state’s workforce can maintain access to affordable housing options.

Read NAIOP Arizona’s full 2021 Legislative agenda here.