Cargo carriers are beneficial when you want to pack more stuff in your car but you run out of space. There are two places where you can mount cargo carriers on your car: on the roof and at the back. Placing your cargo carrier on the roof provides more space for you but cuts down the aerodynamics of your car. Your cargo is also safer on the roof that being towed at the back.

Before you can use your cargo carrier, you need to know how to fit it in your car. Here is a guide that will help you do that.

To install a cargo carrier on the roof of your car, you need to have roof racks. I know that some cars lack roof racks. Don’t worry, there are options for you also, because some cargo carriers do not require roof racks.

How to install a car top cargo carrier with racks

there are three different types of car top cargo carriers that you can install using roof racks. These are luggage baskets, which can hold kayaks, bikes and other items; cargo boxes, which are enclosed containers with hard shells that can hold anything that fits inside; and cargo bags which are like cargo boxes but are not made from plastics.

Regardless of the car top cargo carrier that you choose, you need to ensure that the carrier is fitted firmly on the racks. Install the cargo carrier with screws or brackets which create a clamp to make the carrier stable between the crossbars of the racks. The carriers can be installed with just a simple turn of the screws. Ensure you check the tightness of the screws from time to time especially during long trips.

Installing a car top cargo carrier without racks

Sometimes, you might need to install a cargo carrier on a car that does not have roof racks. For this situation, you need to get a car top cargo carrier that is designed for that. You can get a car top cargo carrier bag on amazon. The bag is made from a waterproof and heavy-duty tarpaulin with coated zippers for durability and to ensure that your cargo is safe. The bag has long and strong straps for fitting on the roof of your car. To install the car top cargo carrier bag, open the straps of the bag and separate them. Open the doors of the car and run the straps in the interior. Connect the straps inside the car roof with the buckles until they click.

Things to consider before installing a cargo carrier on your car

Before you install a cargo carrier on your car, you need to consider a few things. The load limit of your vehicle and the road is the first thing. Ensure you comply with the regulations. Having a cargo carrier on your car might increase fuel consumption and drag. There might be possible noises coming from the cargo carrier when you are driving on the highway. The carrier might increase the height of your car. You must use a hitch receiver to mount a hitch mount carrier.