Are you someone who loves to see and enjoy watching cooking videos than actually putting in the cake effort? Then let us tell you that you’re not the only one in the struggle, and the line goes on.

Amidst the busy schedule that we have today, hardly any would have the fat time to sit behind and consider cooking. But on the other hand, binge-eating might lead you to major health issues. Thus, cooking on your own turns out to be a healthy alternative that can keep you from an array of health issues. However, finding motivation for preparing your own meal isn’t a cakewalk, which is why people end up ordering food from their nearby restaurant more often than not.

Here we have suggested to you the tips that would help you gather some motivation to cook more often.

Start With Easy Recipes

It is always better to start your cooking journey with easy recipes. If you have never cooked before, it is better not to create hype and get over-excited because you may lose interest very soon. So, give yourself a time limit, and make sure that whatever you cook gets over within that frame of time. Be it a pancake, a chapati, or just baking a cake or a cookie, you can do anything within this time frame.

Watch Short Cooking Videos

If you are cooking a dish within five minutes, you must concentrate on watching the cooking videos, which are short as well. For someone who never took much interest in cooking, looking at long videos might bore you and make you lose interest. So, pick any social media platform and binge watch some short cooking videos for inspiration. You can even make time between the busy schedule to watch some small videos and grow your interest in cooking.

Upload Some Great Pictures of Food Online

Our lives are now connected to social media throughout the day. So, if you end up lacking motivation in cooking, then and now, uploading pictures of what you cook on social platforms can help you stay inspired. When your friends and followers will comment on those pictures and share their feedback, you will surely gain inspiration. In this way, you can not only stay motivated but can also influence other people to do the same.

Stop Ordering Food Online

In a time when the digital world always surrounds us and on the internet, you are ordering food may seem relatively easy. But if you want to derive motivation to cook, then ordering food online would only kill the zeal. After all, why would someone work hard for the thing when it is just a tap away? We know that it might not happen overnight, but eventually, you need to lessen the frequency and then reach the goal ultimately.

Buy Fancy Utensils and Cookware

Now, if nothing above has been able to motivate you yet, focus on purchasing some fancy utensils and cookwares to pamper your newly-found cooking hobby. Be it online or offline, scroll through some of the shopping sites if you’re looking for a carbon steel skillet, add your favorites to the cart, and hit the “Place Order” button. These items look really cute and fancy on the kitchen racks, and every time you look at them, you will get more motivated to cook.

Decorate Your Kitchen Area

If you do not like to cook, it is pretty evident that the kitchen area will be a mess as well. So, it is hardly possible for someone to derive motivation from the messed section of the home. It is thus important to begin your work by fixing the kitchen area and keeping things in their ideal places. When you look at the kitchen that looks good and clean, you will be inspired to cook great food.

Learn How To Cook Your Favorites

Whether we know how to cook food or not, we all get cravings to munch on our favorites then and now. But when you do not have the motivation to cook, you fail to satisfy those cravings and indulge in junk eating. So, before beginning with any other recipes, learn what you need to know in the first place. Once you get ample knowledge about it, going forth with your cooking journey would not be a big thing to deal with.

Take Feedback From Others

You might be a narcissist and a self-loving individual who finds their every creation to be the absolute best. So, instead of relying on your judgment, go ahead and feed others be it your friends, colleagues, and relatives, and members of the family. Once you have done that, ask them how it was and take their honest feedback. Being honest will help you find room for improvements and corrections, which you would have missed otherwise.

Keep Your Kitchen Pantry Stocked

You never know when you will be getting the mood swing to cook some great food. So, it is always a great idea to keep your pantry absolutely stocked. It will help you avail of any ingredients you would need suddenly and would not leave any scopes of disappointment. Mostly, it is very important to stock up a variety of spices and herbs because these are the major ingredients, which are capable of making a difference in the dishes.

Take Inspiration From The Influencers

Let’s accept that it is the influencers that we look up to for inspiration, from fashion to food. So, when you are hoarding for some great inspiration regarding cooking, why not look up to them? Go to your social media profile, do your research, and then stay connected to them by posting comments on their posts and looking at their stories. You can try imitating their recipes or even add your own twist to them. More so, you should post pictures tagging the influencer you took the inspiration from.

So, these were some handy tips to keep you motivated to prepare your own food in the busy lifestyle of today’s time.