Celebrities have such enviable lifestyles. From having the biggest and most impeccably furnished mansions to taking trips to the most luxurious locations around the world, the rich and famous have us all entranced.

Our curiosity about every aspect of their life results in a need to mirror their actions. Little wonder, we look up to them for the latest trends in fashion, dieting, exercise, music, and even art.

It doesn’t end there though, we also jump at a chance to peek inside the homes of our favorite celebrities whether or not we’re house hunting.

As expected, a glimpse of how the famous life often inspires us to replicate their decor – a feat that could prove extremely difficult. Luckily, we’ve put together some tips on what’s required to create the perfect luxury home.

The open floor plan

A common feature of luxurious homes is the open floor plan. A spacious house with wide and airy rooms creates an air of sophistication and what better way to create a striking image than with a well-designed foyer that extends to an open layout?

Celebrities love the real deal so when it comes to flooring they like to go with natural and pure materials like marble or solid wood.

Natural stone for the most home may not be practical or too costly but you can buy some nice and affordable wood flooring.  When shopping for solid wood flooring go for the most natural oak effect colors and try to find a unique design like the “Criss-Cross” Herringbone look if you want to bring the wow factor to any room of your home.

French oak flooring with a matte finish, gold gilded mirrors, and vases lining the foyer, leading to an expansive space and grand staircase that offers an extensive view of your home’s structure – is just another way you can implement the open floor design in a luxury home.

The home cinema

Cinema rooms are another must-have for luxury celebrity-style homes. Why take a trip to the movies when you can equip a room with the latest entertainment technology to create the feeling of a luxurious cinema?

You could get a large TV or projector and screen depending on your needs, add a couple of surround speakers, and comfy reclining sofas. Keep the walls simple with plain white or grey paint and add ambient or recessed lighting to complete the look.

The technology

Smart homes are no longer the stuff of SciFi movies and modern luxury homes are fully equipped with updated technology. By setting up your home with the necessary technological fixings, you can control your home’s security system remotely – a good option for when you’re away.

Smart security systems, a monitoring system, automated lighting, temperature, and humidity control, are only a few of the features you’re sure to enjoy with a technologically advanced home.

The furniture and lighting

A key factor that guides celebrity home decor is individuality. A home is often a reflection of one’s wealth, social standing, and personality – no one understands this more than celebrities and this is reflected in their taste in furniture.

To create a luxurious home, you need to invest in unique pieces made from quality materials. From the shelving in your walk-in closets to the bed and sofas in your living room, you need to go the extra mile.

On the topic of lighting, chandeliers provide a unique mix of fantastic aesthetics and lighting that every luxury home requires.

The outdoors

A luxury home should have a well-equipped interior and exterior. From uniquely paved driveways to lush greenery, the outside of a luxury home should be a scenic and relaxing space equipped with functional amenities.

A pool is undebatable and depending on how much space you have, you can add outdoor kitchens for barbecue parties, a tennis or basketball court, or even a deck if your home comes with an oceanfront view.