Most people are obsessed with them and everything they own always smelling amazing. This is why you likely start your day with a routine to make sure you smell fresh. That routine may start with a shower. In that shower, you probably use a scented body wash and accented shampoo and conditioner. Then you may get out and moisturize with a scented lotion and put on your scented deodorant. You should see the trend at this point.

It is only natural that most people love candles. There is something so calm and nice about the flickering of a candle. The sweet aroma they leave wafting in the air is a nice bonus as well.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could join a monthly subscription to get candles delivered right to your door? Well, what a time it is to be alive because you can do just that.

Candle Subscription Boxes

If you take a moment to search online you will find several companies that offer monthly subscription boxes that include candles. Some include a single candle, a candle along with other items, or multiple candles. The boxes that include other items vary but may include other products you can use to disperse a scent through your home. These boxes all vary in many ways but they all are delivered to your home once a month for your enjoyment.

Types of Candles

Each of the companies that offer candle subscription boxes offers a unique type of candle. The companies will offer many variations of wax and ways their candles are made. You can always count on the quality of a hand-poured soy wax candle that is scented with essential oil. The soy wax burns very clean and the essential oil provides a pure scent that is excellent to use for aromatherapy. It is a great addition to a bubble bath and a glass of wine after your hard day.

Some of the available candle subscription boxes offer tressure candles. If you are not familiar, a tressure candle will have some sort of treasure hidden in the wax of the candle. As you use the candle and the wax melts it will reveal the treasure. It is normally jewelry but some companies put other items in for the tressure element.

Themed Boxes

Some of the companies that offer candle subscriptions have themed boxes. For instance, there is one company that specializes in scents that remind you of certain aromas you would experience at a certain amusement park. Other boxes may change the theme they use to customize their boxes monthly. One month may be spa-related and the next month may make you feel like you are on a tropical vacation.

Most of the boxes will offer you a great variety of scents. This is great if you are still in search of your signature scent or if you just love variety. With all the variety available between all the companies that offer a candle subscription it would be hard to believe there is not one that is right for you.

Now that you know there is a variety of a candle subscription box that is right for everyone, it is time for you to decide which one. Make a list of must-have requirements for your b perfect subscription box. Then get online and find a company that checks off your whole list. Your perfect subscription box will be unique to you. There are no wrong answers it is simply which one will make you count down the days till it arrives each month and which one will bring you the largest amount of joy!