Traditionally, attics are small, dark spaces commonly dedicated to storing old belongings or items that you do not use regularly. Unfortunately, because attics are dark, there is a much higher risk of mold growth taking place. It is also certain to be more inviting to pests that like to breed in cool, dark conditions.

So, if you want to prevent this and brighten up the space, the question is: is it possible to let more light into your attic and, if so, how?

Ways to let more light into your attic

The answer to that question is yes! There are a few strategic ways in which to let more light into the space; however, the most popular solution is arguably a roof light. A roof light is also often referred to as a Velux loft conversion and it is much easier than installing dormers because it makes use of the already-existing space beneath your rafters. The roof light or lights are fitted into the ceiling, allowing maximum sunlight to burst into the room from the moment the sun rises every morning.

Generally, there are two types of roof lights/windows that the experts can fit into your attic space, namely top hung and center pivot. Other than velux loft conversion, you can also brighten up your attic with the help of quality ceiling lights. This is true even if your attic’s ceiling is sloped. Interior design experts recommend investing in lights that are neutral in color to further maximize the space available.

Some homeowners choose to pair ceiling or pendant lighting with floor lamps for even more light. The more light there is, the easier it will be to eliminate the shadows that the unusual angles of the room can cause. Once these shadows are gone, the space is sure to feel instantly homelier and more welcoming.

Why a brighter attic is better

When your attic is bright enough, you will be more inclined to put it to better use, rather than simply use it for storage purposes. For example, you might decide to transform it into an extra bedroom for an older child or teen who longs for privacy and their own special space. If you find yourself working from home more often since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, you could also consider turning it into a productive remote working office where you could easily escape from distractions around the house to focus more keenly.

Another excellent option for a well-lit attic is a private games room or a stylish ‘movie theater’. This is great for teens or parents to enjoy some me-time after a long, tiring day or to come together to bond on a regular basis.

No more wondering if it is possible to let more light into your attic. Now that you know which solutions are available to you and why it will be worthwhile taking advantage of them, you are one step closer to a more inviting loft space and home in general.