You have completed the pre-licensing coursework, passed the real estate exam, and finally received your real estate license.

Now it’s time to make money doing what you love — selling property.

Unfortunately, winning clients as a freshly licensed agent is not duck soup. How do you win your first clients when you have zero experience? How do you generate leads when you have no buyer list or clients’ success stories?

The good news: It’s all doable as long as you show determination, perseverance, and a little creativity. Every Realtor started right where you are and many of them have succeeded in building a real estate empire from virtually nothing. In this article, we’ll share 3 handy tips to help you generate leads as a new real estate agent.

1. Ask Your Sphere of Influence

As a freshly-licensed agent, your sphere of influence (SOI) will play a big role in helping you grow. Your SOI consists of people who are close to you as friends or acquaintances. Family, friends, work colleagues, members of your club/church are all included in this bucket.

Be sure to collect their contact information, inform them of what you do, and ask them to refer clients to you.

Keep reminding them from time to time. Just because your friends know you’re a realtor doesn’t mean they will remember you when buying property. Even your family needs constant reminding. One way to do that is via weekly newsletters. A newsletter will not only remind them of who you are but also present you as an expert in the industry.

2. Leverage Lead Generation Services

If you want leads delivered right into your inbox and money is no problem, real estate lead generation companies are the way to go. By leveraging these services, you can expect to receive leads by email or text depending on the company you choose. Here are the best real estate lead generation companies that the top-performing realtors are using.


BoldLeads is a popular real estate lead generation company that helps real estate agents generate leads through ads marketing.

They create and place ads on platforms such as Facebook and Google, then draw customers who click on those ads to a customized landing page that captures their contact information. You’ll be in for a monthly $299 account fee plus additional advertising charges. BoldLeads is quite expensive but you get exclusive leads.


With a whopping 36 million visits per month, Zillow is undeniably the most popular real estate website in the US. By becoming a Zillow Premier Agent, you get connected with active home shoppers in your target zip codes. Pricing varies depending on your area but you can expect to pay $20 to $60 per lead.


REDX is considered one of the top sources of paid buyer leads. This company uses aggregate data from several different public records to provide you information on potential leads.

With REDX, you get detailed information about each lead, including contact info and property history—which makes you well informed before you make any contact. Pricing varies depending on the lead type but ranges from $39 to $79 per month.

3. Partner Up With Other Agents

Partnering with established realtors can be a great way to get quality leads, especially if you’re a new real estate agent.

Sometimes, agents get quality leads which they can’t attend due to various reasons: different niche, different market, being too busy at the moment, etc. In such cases, they usually give those leads to other agents in a referral exchange. This way, you can quickly generate leads and even sell your first house without spending a dime.

The Bottom Line

The real estate industry is vibrant, clouded, and vigorously competitive. As a freshly-licensed agent, you’ll need to devise clever ways to beat the over 2 million active agents and establish a footing in the industry. Alongside the aforementioned tips, you’ll also want to build your own website and focus your marketing efforts on building your network.