There’s no doubt that solar and other renewable sources are the future of energy production. This form of renewable energy is one of the most obvious choices to combat climate change and global warming, and its popularity has been on a steady rise in recent years. 

However, you should know that you must take specific steps before taking advantage of this kind of power. Hence, it’s essential to look for a professional solar installation company.

The purchase of solar panels used to be quite expensive. Many people were discouraged by the initial investment they needed to make to start producing solar energy at home. 

However, with time, prices dropped exponentially to the point where it became much more accessible for homeowners to get their hands on these panels, allowing them to produce electricity for their households. 

The improved accessibility also led to new types of energy panels that are even more efficient than older models.

Cost of Panel Installations

If you’re curious about panel installations and how much it might cost to have a solar installation company come over and do the job, be advised that this will depend on many factors, such as:

1. The number and types of clean energy panels that you’re installing at home.

2. The size of the solar panel systems that you want to have installed in your house.

3. If you buy or lease your panels from a dealer or purchase them from another source, you can hire a solar installation company to do the job for you.

4. Whether you’re hiring a certified solar installation company or want to go for cheaper, less professional companies.

Some companies are flexible enough to consider factors other than simply the price when giving you an estimate on your project. Others are known to take advantage of people’s desire to do their part in protecting the environment and will take advantage of that by charging them more for their services. 

Types of Solar Power Systems

Since this is a very specialized field, chances are you’ll have many questions about how exactly these professionals go about installing solar panels in homes.

For instance, there are several ways in which they can be set up.

Roof-Mounted Systems

If your roof is made out of suitable material and has no problems with leaks or other damage, then you can have panels attached directly to your roofing.

Ground-Mounted Systems

These are usually placed on concrete pads or other ground constructions, with the advantage of receiving more sunlight throughout the day as opposed to those installed on roofs.

Tracking Systems

They can be built as standalone structures and use a system of gears and cables to track the sun’s movement across the sky. This allows them to maximize their exposure to sunlight during all times of the day, which means more excellent electricity production for you at all times.

The drawback is that they’re often costly and need a lot of maintenance and repairs over time.

You may also note that there are two different types of solar panel systems that you can purchase.

1. Standalone Panels

These are installed on a support structures and poles system and do not require any connection to your home’s electrical grid. You’ll need a battery bank if you want to have power at night or during cloudy days, which will increase costs considerably.

2. Grid-Tied Systems

Unlike the other type, these consist of panels attached directly to the home’s electrical grid using an inverter that converts DC into AC electricity to be usable by your appliances. However, there is one drawback in this case: 

When energy from the sun is being produced in excess while no one is consuming it from your household, there may be a chance for the energy company to consider it as a surplus and will take away that excess energy from you. 

Their only recourse is then to sell the excess energy they’ve taken from you at a much lower price. 

How do Companies Help with Installations?

You may note that solar companies can help you with any installation, even if your home already has an existing system in place. They can inspect your current setup for damage or other problems and help improve the overall system’s efficiency to reduce costs over time. 

How to Find a Company?

The best way to find one of these companies is by reaching out directly to homeowners who have similar setups at their houses. They may recommend reputable professionals who helped them set up their systems.

Another critical factor when it comes to pricing is whether you opt for a leasing system instead. Many companies will offer you the opportunity to rent their solar panels for between 20 and 25 years while making monthly payments that are slightly lower than what you usually pay for your electricity bills. 

However, one must be wary of hidden costs or terms since some are much more expensive in the long run. There are many federal and state-level financial incentives that can help reduce costs considerably when setting up these panels at your home. Check the state regulations of your state before investing in these panels.  

You may qualify for direct tax credits or other types of rebates based on factors such as your annual income, installation type, and the size of your residence. Always speak with a professional at a local government agency so they can advise you on these benefits and help you get the most out of your solar panel system.

Finally, it’s important to note that while these panels can give you a significant amount of electricity during sunny days, they’re only able to produce power while the sun is shining. Hence, during overcast or dark days, you may not be able to receive any energy from them at all. One way around this problem is investing in batteries to store surplus energy for later use.

Wrapping Up

Solar power systems and other renewable sources are a great way to reduce your monthly energy bill, although they’re not without their own unique set of advantages and disadvantages. Assess your energy usage requirements and other factors when trying to choose panels. Use the latest energy bills for this purpose.