October 20, 2021

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Which yard sign rental company to choose: A guide     

Are you or your loved ones planning your wedding, maybe an anniversary party, some other significant event with a unique theme? If yes, you’re probably looking at decorations. And if so, what are the top ways to decorate for the occasion?

Choose your decorations wisely, and you can make your event memorable. Choose things like a birthday lawn sign, LED lights for a Christmas party, or personalized yard signs for events like weddings and other big celebrations.

But what should you choose to decorate with? And how do you get the best value out of your decorations? Read on to understand the options to choose a yard sign rental company in the US.

Custom Yard Signs: A Great Way to Get Noticed at Your Event

Personalized yard signs are a great way to add that extra touch of flair to their most basic function; they serve as a literal sign that gives guests direction and information about where the party will be.

Besides directing guests where to go, a customizable birthday lawn sign can also list information about special prices or sales or be crafted to include the names of the bride and groom, family names, or pretty much anything you want.

Check out the following guide if you’d like to see what makes personalized yard signs so great. However, if you’re ready to start comparing prices now, scroll down below the next section.

How Personalized Yard Sign Rentals Work?

Celebrating and organizing birthdays have become a profitable business these days.

The basic process is pretty simple: pick out a design that works for your event (consider size and material), then choose how many people’s names or other information you want to be added.

Then select it as an add-on when signing up for your rentals: the provider sends it with everything else you need and sets it up at your location shortly before your guests arrive.

But what kinds of yard signs can you get? What kinds of designs are available? And how many names do they hold (on average)?

Here’s a quick comparison.

Name Table Tent Rental: Average approximately three to five names per sign.

Yard Sign Rentals: Average approximately 1015 names per sign.

It is the reason why you should use personalized yard signs for events like weddings or anniversaries; if you want to go with something else (and don’t mind the smaller number of names), consider renting table tents instead.

Different Types of Material Available for Your Customized Yard Signs

Now that you’ve chosen some customized yard signs, let’s talk about the different kinds of materials available.

For yard sign rentals, you have four main types of material to choose from: corrugated plastic, cardboard, adhesive vinyl sheets (which are applied by peeling and sticking them on), or aluminum composite, also known as rigid PVC.

Read on to know more about each type of material.

Cardboard: You can make a birthday lawn sign from your primary, run-of-the-mill yard sign material. These are lightweight and easy to transport; however, they can get dinged up pretty quickly by equipment or inclement weather.

Corrugated Plastic: These are sort of like a bouncy inflatable castle. It is rigid enough to stand upright but light enough to move around with one person (plus, it looks more professional than cardboard).

Adhesive Vinyl: It is similar to what you would expect from a sticker or bumper sticker but with the rigidity of corrugated plastic. It sticks on quickly and can be reused if needed. Just don’t try to pull it off in one piece. You may damage the material underneath.

Aluminum Composite: It is made from two sheets of rigid white plastic sandwiching an aluminum sheet between them. It is like taking a bouncy inflatable castle and placing it inside another bouncy inflatable castle.

Like corrugated plastic, the yard signs are light and easy to move around, yet because they’re made from aluminum composite, they can stand up to inclement weather reasonably well.

Price Comparison: Customized Yard Signs versus Table Tent Rentals.

There are many reasons why personalized yard signs make more sense than table tents. Price is the first factor. Here’s what you’d pay per item if you decided on ordering a yard sign.

Table Tents cost approximately $90, while personalized yard sign rentals cost around $60.

So, you would be looking at about a 60 percent price reduction by ordering personalized yard signs.

Another advantage of choosing a customized yard sign for your ceremony is if you need to order more later on for other events, the cost drops even lower!

It is highly recommended to buy personalized yard sign rentals over table tent rentals for your customized event needs.