January 14, 2022

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Learn more about 2C hair before rocking it

Knowing your hair type will help you take better care of it. This is because the different types require various products to maintain the hair’s health. If you have 2C hair type, you are at the right place because everything here is about how to care for your hair.

2c- hair is characterized by wavy roots, which extend into curly strands at the bottom. The curls are S-shaped, defined, and thick. However, the hair is more wavy than curly because the bends are more open and loose than curly hair. Women with 2c-hair tend to have similar problems with those with curly hair. Here is the entire gist about 2c hair.

1. How To Care For It

• Like any other hair type, the 2C hair requires you to apply products to keep your waves fresh. These waves do not disappear like those created with the curling machine, but they could look unkempt and not appealing when not oiled. In addition, when buying hair products for your 2C hair type, go for those that will give the hair moisture. They should also be volumizers and curl enhancers.

• Your 2C hair is likely to frizz more than any other hair type. In your hair products, ensure you have some that control frizz to keep your styles stunning.

• Buy oils that enhance the hair texture and ensure you oil it once or twice a week. The best oils for this hair type are coconut, jojoba oil, and Argan oil. However, use the oils moderately. Using them too often will make it look bulky and flat. Consider oiling before shampooing to avoid the greasy feeling on the strands.

• Avoid heat styling tools on your hair. 2C hair type is soft and can quickly get damaged. Most people want the curls but can only get them with curling tools. Since yours is naturally curly, a wash and go will do. Avoid straightening the hair using a blow dry too. Blow dryers emit a lot of heat that burns your strands.

• Invest in light hair products. Instead of using lotions and other solid oils, use mousses, foams, and serums to avoid weighing the hair down.

• Ask your stylist to trim the ends regularly to void split ends.

• When using heat styling tools, protect the hair using a heat protectant. When washing, use lukewarm water before and after your shampoo. The water keeps your cuticles open and removes any dirt on the scalp.

• When you wash the hair with a conditioner, start by rinsing with warm water. It allows maximum penetration of the conditioner into the scalp. Rinse the hair conditioner off using cold water.

2. How To Style The 2C Hair Type

While there is no type of hair that we can say is easy to style, 2C hair is more challenging to style because it is soft and more prone to knots. According to LoveHairStyles, using the right hair products will make things easier for you. Also, you would want to get a stylist who understands this hair type to style it for you.

• Ensure you detangle before you jump into the shower. Use detangling serums to make it easier and avoid breaking your strands.

• Avoid using blow-dry to straighten because it causes breakage, and you could suffer heat damage. Use a diffuser to blow-dry the hair instead. This one spreads the heat evenly so you won’t suffer heat damage.

• Since the 2C hair type has more loose waves, you can enhance the texture by applying a curling product on rollers and installing them on the hair.

• After a wash, avoid using a terrycloth towel to dry it. Invest in a good cotton or microfiber towel for drying the hair. It prevents breakage and tangles.

• Do not let your hair stay without oil for too long. Curly hair is more damaged by dryness than straight hair. Ensure you apply hair products with the right chemicals.

• Normalize wrapping the hair in satin scuff or cotton clothing to prevent it from becoming frizzy.

• Use the right brushes to detangle. Some brushes have small bristles that strain the hair follicles when brushing. This can lead to a lot of hair weakening and hair loss. Choose brushes with wider bristles to maintain hair strength.

3. How To Wash Your Type 2 C Hair

• Start washing by wetting the hair and applying an Elasticizer on the scalp and the strands. It keeps your scalp moist and strengthens the hair. Ensure the ends are also saturated with the product because that is where the oldest hair is.

• Use a plastic shower cap to cover the head for 20 minutes.

• Go in with the shampoo that aligns best with your hair texture. Choose shampoos with other benefits like stopping hair loss or making the hair thicker. Scrub the scalp well to make it clean to provide a perfect environment for hair growth.

• Start with a cleanser before conditioning. It helps to detangle the hair after shampooing and makes it ready for conditioning.

• The final step is to deep condition the hair. If you love your hair too much, you know the type of conditioner it feels best in. Don’t go for the quantity. Ensure the conditioner soaks into your strands and leaves all the hair nourished.

• Cocktail conditioners are the best. When buying, go for the ones with shea butter, spearmint, canola oil, and baobab, and watercress extracts.

• Don’t use hard water to wash your hair because it leaves it rough and can lead to breakages. You can filter your faucet water to make sure it is free from bacteria, minerals, and heavy metals and it is as fresh as possible.