Moving to a different part of the country or the world involves a lot of organization, effort and emotional resilience. Even the seemingly straightforward practicalities of this process can become overwhelming if you are unprepared.

Motorists face a specific challenge, as if you own or lease a car, then it is a major asset that needs to be considered as part of your relocation.

To help you with this, here are just a few ways to relocate as seamlessly as possible while dealing with your vehicle at the same time.

Take your car with you

If you are an automotive enthusiast, or you simply see your current car as reliable and part of the family, then you might want to bring it with you when you move.

The good news is that finding the cheapest way to ship a car across the country or even overseas is easier than ever. While there are always costs involved, if you own the vehicle outright then it is potentially more affordable to relocate with it rather than taking a different route.

Of course, the ultimate budget option is to drive the vehicle to your new home yourself. This of course eats into your time and will have fuel prices to pay, as well as the wear and tear on the car to take into account. Using a professional shipping service might work out cheaper as a result.

Sell your car

If you would rather use your relocation as an opportunity to sell your current car, then there has never been a better time to do so.

Used car prices remain sky-high because of the global chip shortage impacting the availability of new vehicles, so you might find that your vehicle is actually worth more today than it was a year or two ago, depending on its age, mileage, and condition, of course.

To get the best deal, selling it privately is sensible, and there are ample online services like eBay, Autotrader, and even Craigslist which facilitate this. If you would rather avoid fielding prospective buyers yourself, you could always sell it to a dealership, or a car buying service; just be prepared to take a hit on the price in the process.

Store your car

Not all relocations are permanent, and if that’s the case then putting your car into storage until you return is great for temporary periods spent away from your main home.

Storing a car mostly makes sense if your vehicle is an appreciating asset, or one which you have a strong emotional attachment to. If it is just a commuting workhorse that gets you from A to B and doesn’t have strong prospects of avoiding depreciation, then selling or shipping it will be a better option.

Choosing to store your vehicle at a specific facility designed for this purpose is worthwhile for some people, especially since this will ensure its security and safety while you are many miles away. So it is all about balancing your priorities with your budget.

Final thoughts

Whatever you decide to do with your car when a relocation is on the cards, you should aim to decide as soon as possible and get the ball rolling, as if you leave it to the last minute then there is more room for mistakes to be made.

Most importantly, remember to set aside both time and money to cope with whatever complex car admin you might face. Skimping on this aspect of the move, or rushing it, could leave you out of pocket and out of time.