In this world of glamor and luxury, every human being thrives for a better outlook, whether for themselves, their workplace, or their house.

Particularly, if we talk about houses, the kitchen plays a key part, as it’s one of the focal points of the property — therefore, lighting in kitchen spaces has a crucial role to play.

No matter how stylish your kitchen is, without proper lighting, every quality of the kitchen is in vain. So, lighting is important.

Why do you need lighting in kitchen spaces? The main reason behind this is that it can add visibility to your kitchen, mainly in dark areas like inside the storage spaces or the corner areas. It’s also advisable to have more lighting in the cooking and dining areas.

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Ways to light up your kitchen

Top of the list is the general lighting or the common lighting, which we use in every kitchen, irrespective of its size. Before, conventional tube lights could do that task for you, but things have become a little more complicated now. These lights are being replaced with modern energy-saving lights.

The best place to keep general lighting is on the ceiling and can be used in the ceiling fan itself.

Although the false ceiling is prevalent in modern-day kitchens, there are some houses where conventional ceilings are used. In such a case, it’s recommended to use wall-mounted light fixtures for equal light distribution. Its quantity depends on the size of the kitchen; you can either place two or even three wall-mounted light fixtures.

The next type is task lighting. These types of lighting are placed in the areas of great shadows, such as under the cabinet. It offers a clear view of daily kitchen tasks like chopping vegetables, peeling potatoes, etc. The best way to use task lighting is to hide the wiring to improve its aesthetic appeal and ensure that the switches are close to the light.

Nowadays, LED kitchen strips are trending, which you can use under the overhead storage. A bonus tip is to buy chimneys with the task lights, which save a lot of money.

You can sometimes use decorative hanging kitchen lighting-like pendants or chandeliers to offer a positive vibe to the kitchen. Hanging lighting can also be used as task lighting, which improves the kitchen’s aesthetics. For example, you can place them at the breakfast table in the kitchen.

Sometimes, cabinet lighting can do wonders for you. The added way to enhance the lighting in the kitchen is to install these lights in the cabinets where you place your kitchen goods, such as crockery cabinets. It should be such that as you open the cabinet, the storage should light up.

Furthermore, they are perfect for placing at the corners of the cabinet where much lighting is not there. Lastly, it’s always advisable to opt for LED lights as they save plenty of electricity, possess longer life, have less maintenance cost, and provide glare-free illumination.

If you have plain kitchen walls, it’s better to light them up to improve the kitchen’s aesthetics with art lights. Plenty of art lighting is available in the market, which you can buy for a decent amount. You can even install LED-picture lights at a 90-degree angle to give your kitchen a modern look.

Tips for lighting in kitchen spaces

As you know, there are many types of lighting being used in residential kitchens. Next, we shall know about a few tips for effortless lighting.

• Try to combine the mix of white and warm lighting, which gives a unique illumination effect to your kitchen.

• As for ceiling lights, it’s advisable to go for white lights, which give a decent look to your kitchen. The higher the ceiling, the brighter lights should be placed to improve the visibility of the kitchen.

Track lights could be a great option in the modern-day kitchen, especially in the linear pattern of the ceiling. A preferable option would be the warm lighting in kitchen spaces!

• If you have a space on your wall, you can even use wall-mounted lights, especially around the dining table in your kitchen.

• Make use of the natural lights. Preferably, you can add a glass roof over your kitchen and use wide-open doors. Nothing can beat natural light!

• Also, one can use motion sensors in the kitchen drawers, which means that when you open the drawers, lights get lit up, and automatically, it gets switched off when you close the drawer.

• We often neglect some places in the kitchen for lighting. The sink is one of them. It’s better to provide dedicated lighting to it.

Trending kitchen lighting ideas

In modern times, kitchens are the hub for family bonding, so they should look aesthetically pleasing. Adding functional yet decorative lighting is one of the best ways to uplift the look of any kitchen. Let us now explore some trending lighting in kitchen ideas:

• Mini pendants can be a great option for you, which are decorative and a wonderful source for both ambient and task lighting.

• You can even use super sleek LED tape under the cabinets, which are easy to install and add a unique appeal to your kitchen.

• Another popular option is a lantern-style pendant which can be fixed at the foyers of your kitchen. You can even layer up the ambient, task, and accent lighting to make things better.


There are plenty of kitchen lights you can buy at a reasonable price. One can easily pick lighting that best suits the overall vibe of the kitchen.

Also, it’s important to add the lighting when there is a deficiency of natural lights, like in the kitchen drawers, cabinets, or around the corners. Make use of every type of lighting to improve the aesthetics and looks of your kitchen.

A bonus tip would be to use natural lights as much as possible to reduce the need for artificial lights. However, if you require lighting at night times, LED lights would be a handy option.