Maintaining carpets can cause a lot of frustration among homeowners everywhere. If carpets are kept in good condition, they can last for several years, however, not everyone has the time to clean them on a regular basis.

It’s not surprising carpets have been a popular choice of flooring across the globe. Not only do carpets add a cozy feeling to a home, but they also provide extra protection, which can prove highly beneficial, especially for those with young children.

Some people are able to find the time to clean their carpets a couple of times a week, while others struggle.

If you are finding it difficult to keep your carpets looking, feeling, and smelling good, then you might want to consider spending your hard-earned cash on a professional carpet cleaning service, but are their services worth the money?

Not all carpet cleaning companies are the same

If you have had a bad experience with carpet cleaning companies in the past, don’t assume all companies provide the same service.

Try to find a reputable cleaning service with plenty of experience. If they have been in business for serval years, you should have no problems finding honest reviews posted online. Check to see if they have a social media page on popular platforms like Facebook. You should be able to find genuine reviews posted by their previous customers in the review section, which might give you an insight into what it is like to deal with their cleaning crew, and the services they provide.

Talk to friends and family members about the carpet cleaning companies they have used in the past.

Questions to ask the cleaners before they take on the task

If your entire house is covered in carpets, you might want to organize a meeting with a few different companies before deciding on which one to go with. Before sitting down for a meeting with the cleaners, prepare a list of questions so you know exactly what you are paying for, such as:

• What type of cleaning equipment will you be using?

• Will you be using any carpet cleaners containing chemical components or toxic fumes? Its important to keep in mind that if carpet cleaning isn’t done right and the chemicals used by the company are abrasive, it can be extremely dangerous for you and anyone else living in your household.

• Do you charge per room?

• How many hours will it take to clean all of the carpets, and will you have to come back at a later date to finish the job?

• How many employees will be working on your carpets?

• Will you bring your own equipment, or will I have to provide you with everything.

• Are you insured while working in my home?

Just because a carpet cleaning company charge less than their competitors, doesn’t mean they will do the same job. The best cleaning companies out there are known to charge top dollar for their services, but it might be a worthwhile investment because replacing old carpets with brand-new flooring will cost a homeowner a pretty penny.

The best carpet cleaners will use top-of-the-range cleaning equipment

Don’t expect a standard household vacuum to clean your carpets the same way as cleaning equipment used by the best companies that specialize in carpets.

These powerful vacuums are often used for industrial purposes. Although a standard vacuum might help your carpets look good, they don’t always remove all the dust and debris lodged deep into your carpet’s fibers.

However, some companies don’t provide their employees with equipment. Instead, the cleaners use their client’s equipment, which is why you should ask before hiring a cleaner to take on the job.

Carpet cleaners can save you a small fortune!

If you decide against hiring a carpet cleaner to save money, in the long run, it might prove to be a terrible decision. Here are some of the reasons investing in a carpet cleaner can help you save cash:

You won’t have to take time off work: Cleaning all of the carpets in your home can take up a lot of your precious time. Working a full-time job and maintaining your home’s carpets isn’t going to be easy, so instead of taking a time off and to avoid losing out on your wages, consider hiring a professional instead.

Putting your house on the market? Selling a house can cause a lot of headaches for a homeowner. Your entire home must look in tip-top condition to encourage potential buyers to make an offer. Professional cleaners will have the know-how and the tools on hand to make your carpets look great, which might help increase the value of your home!

Tenancy deposit: If you are leaving your rental property in the near future, you might be worried about losing your tenancy deposit. Most landlords will inspect their rentals thoroughly before giving their tenants back their deposits. If you are concerned about losing it, and you don’t think you are able to clean your carpets properly, then it might be time to hire a professional that knows what to do.

A cleaner might help increase the longevity of your carpets: When carpets are maintained regularly, they can last for several years. To avoid replacing old carpets after a short period of time, hiring a professional cleaner now and again can help you achieve this. Extending the life of your carpets and making them look good are the main reasons homeowners invest in cleaners.

Remove stains

If you have come across a stain on your beloved carpets, and found it impossible to remove, a carpet cleaner might have the solution. Of course, you can go online and find tons of different solutions on how to remove stubborn stains, but very few people have succeeded going down this road.

Professionals will have access to a wide range of different cleaning products and equipment, which often allows them to remove even the most difficult stains. Before splashing the cash on brand new carpets, consider asking a professional cleaner for advice. Some cleaners will be able to fix tears in old carpets, which again, will help improve your carpet’s lifespan.

Healthier living environment

Every homeowner wants those living in their household safe at all times. If you fail to clean your carpets regularly, then don’t be surprised if the air indoor is contaminated with lots of bacteria and allergens. This can be very dangerous for anyone living or visiting your home, especially for a person suffering from asthma or allergies.

A professional will have the tools, and cleaning treatments on hand to help eradicate allergens. They will spend time sanitizing your carpets to help improve the air quality in your home.


Hiring a professional to clean your carpets once every six months is highly recommended. If you are looking to buy new carpets, take a look at the requirements of the warranty provided by the retailer before investing. Also, don’t forget to ask the salesperson for cleaning advice and the different types of cleaning products you should use to keep the carpets maintained.

Most carpet cleaning companies have a certificate to prove to their clients they can carry out their work. Consider asking the company for these details before they begin to work in your home.