Here is what these two industry experts say that Arizona needs to of to keep growing its technology sector. Read more on pages 109-112 in AzBusiness January/February edition.

Mike Auger, CEO and founder of PikFly

MikeAuger Headshot“We need continued involvement

by the government and cities to

encourage relocation of business to

Arizona. We also need to continue to<

build a thriving investment community.

                                                                                   History has proven that if the money is

                                                                                    here, the businesses will come.”

 Don Pierson, CEO, SpotlightSales

Pierson Don

 “Primarily, stay the course. The Arizona

Angel Investment Tax Credit has been

especially helpful in helping startups

attract capital. That needs to continue.

And organizations like GPEC and the

Arizona Commerce Authority need to

continue to be funded so they can be aggressive and

progressive on behalf of the Arizona tech industries.”