Fennemore Craig, a leading Mountain West law firm, announced the firm received the third highest ranking of any law firms surveyed by Altman Weil, a management consulting services firm, during the past two years.
“Fennemore Craig’s commitment to excellence, putting clients first, understanding our client’s businesses and providing innovative legal solutions are cornerstones of the firm’s culture, born of 130 years of helping clients,” said Tim Berg, managing partner of Fennemore Craig. “We’re delighted at the positive feedback, but today’s tough market conditions demand that we work to exceed not just meet client expectations,” Berg said, who noted that Fennemore Craig was founded in 1885 and is celebrating its 130 anniversary throughout 2015.
Altman Weil, a nationally recognized consulting firm to legal organizations throughout North America, the U.K. and abroad, conducted the survey. The survey asked Fennemore Craig clients about their satisfaction with the firm across numerous categories, including efficient work ethic, understanding clients’ business goals, cost efficiency and budgeting. Fennemore Craig consistently ranked an average 9.1 ranking out of 10 for each of the categories included in the Altman Weil survey which was distributed to more than 430 clients in late 2014.
These categories included:
  • High Quality Work Product
  • Achieves Successful Results
  • Communication
  • Meets Deadlines
  • Understands Client’s Business Goals
  • Efficient Work Product
  • Timely Execution of Client Requests
  • Cost Conscious
  • Accurate Budget Estimates
  • Billing Practices