One of the things we can miss in winter, along with the sun, the warmth, ice cream vendors, and dips in the sea, is going outside for a good picnic. Of course, you can wrap up warm, but if it is chucking it down with rain as it likes to do in winter, it can be difficult to sit outside and enjoy some food alfresco. So why not plan an indoor picnic?

You can enjoy all of the fun of a regular picnic without the wasps and any of the harsh weather outside. Read this piece for some inside dining inspiration.

Set the Scene

Setting the scene is probably the most important part of creating your own indoor picnic; otherwise, you are essentially just eating some cheese in your front room. Make sure to go the whole hog and put in the effort. Blankets, picnic mats, picnic baskets, fairy lights, and cushions can all make a create little picnic nest. If you want more luxury than sitting on the floor, you could also get yourself some huge bean bags! Not only can they be used when the indoor picnic is over, but they are extremely fun to share with friends, and you will be able to take them outside when the weather gets warmer too!

Think of the Food

The food is one of the most important parts of a picnic, there is no doubt about it. You might have a little more leeway for different foods, too, if you are inside, as you will have access to running water and cutlery if you need it.

Of course, go with the traditional picnic options first. Think pinwheel sandwiches, chips, potato salad, different cheeses, fried chicken, cold cuts, coleslaw, and macaroni pasta salad! If you do want to use the oven, you could also do a small ‘cook out’ style buffet too.

If you want some variety as well, ask your guests to bring one of their favorite foods so everyone can try, or set a theme!

Do not forget the drinks either- whether they are some cold cans or some soda pops.

Do Not Forget the Games

Picnics outside usually facilitate some kind of sport or game while others are chatting and eating. Whether that is tossing a ball around or playing catch with a Frisbee! Unless you have a particularly large front room or indoor space, you might want to tone down the throwing and choose something else that everyone can get involved in. There are plenty of card games on the market now that are modern and hilarious, such as ‘What Do You Meme?” or “Cards Against Humanity”. You could also even get your hands on some old-school classic board games such as Monopoly or Scrabble, and for those who want to take things seriously- Chess.

If you are not sure what entertainment to provide, then you can ask your friends and family to bring over something they enjoy and get everyone involved in trying out something new!