Coffee shops are widespread in most major cities these days. We’re all familiar with the popular Starbucks, and of course the beloved Dutch Bros. These are so popular you can find one on nearly every major intersection. If you’re tired of the same safe option, why not try one of the cities amazing independent options? With International Coffee Day coming up on Friday, Oct. 1, independent coffee shops can offer an experience that proves entirely unique, fresher than the average spot, and with better service than chain coffee shops. On top of being extremely Instagram friendly, visiting an independent coffee shop means you’re supporting a local business. Take a look at our list of the best Coffee shops in Metro Phoenix.

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Cartel Coffee Labs

“From seed to cup.” Cartel Coffee Labs offers that unique experience we mentioned earlier about independent coffee shops. With 6 locations in the Phoenix area, this coffee place is beloved by Phoenician’s. With four different brew methods, even the pickiest coffee snob has their option.  Grab some of their delicious pastries during your visit too. If you find a brew that you’re passionate about, you can subscribe online and have the beans shipped right to you.

Songbird Coffee & Tea House

For our coffee lovers who dabble in the art of tea, this is your place. “Locally sourced, crafted with love.” Located on Roosevelt Row in Downtown Phoenix. With many espresso options, and delicious cold brews on tap, there should be options for any mood. Also impressive is their tea menu, including 25+ Loose Leaf Teas. Take their beans home or enjoy a dine in experience. Songbird has options of fresh pastries for their customers as well.

Provision Coffee

Located on North 32nd street in the Arcadia neighborhood, Provision Coffee offers a delectable experience. Visit with friends and enjoy different unique coffee options, teas, cocktails, and snacks. This coffee shop is beautiful, and the drinks are what we were talking about when we mentioned Instagram friendly. Some of the unique coffee blends include the Prickly Pear Blend and the Ponderosa Blend.

Peixoto Coffee

Located in Downtown Chandler, the coffee here has been perfected by years of family farming. These beans are grown in the Peixoto farms in Brazil. Enjoy the comfortable yet modern shop with friends or a friendly stranger. This company prides itself on community. I’d recommend trying a Nitro Float for a cool and creamy coffee experience. In the summer you can even drink your latte from a Coconut!

Dark Hall Coffee

The lists Vegan option is a major force to be reckoned with. Located in Phoenix on 7th Ave and Osborn, this coffee shop is a favorite amongst locals. With a webpage that could be mistaken for modern art, this shop has a special menu full of delicious vegan options. Try a vegan cinnamon roll, macaron, or cookie. Talk with friends over the beautiful space, all while sipping on your favorite cup of coffee.

Lola Coffee

Now offering two locations in Phoenix. One on North 3rd Avenue in Downtown, and the other brand-new location in the Arcadia neighborhood. Lola is the perfect example of an independent coffee shop. Its family owned and operated and has been since the owner Daniel Wayne first started with his Espresso cart in Downtown. For 10 years now Lola has been offering a place for community to join and enjoy a cup of joe. Daniel still works behind the bar daily, striving to make the perfect espresso.

Lux Coffee

Lux has three different locations, North Central Ave, Scottsdale, and Flagstaff, and is one of the most iconic independent coffee shops in Arizona. With coffee beans grown in Ethiopia, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Panama, Sumatra, and Brazil even the pickiest coffee drinker should find something they love. Lux not only offers coffee and breakfast, but also an alcohol, lunch, and dinner menu. Spend all day here with good company, or just stop in and grab your favorite cup of beans.

Xanadu Coffee

Xanadu began as a distribution company that catered to specialty coffee shops, restaurants, offices, bars, and more. Recently Xanadu opened their own coffee shop in the Garfield District of Downtown Phoenix. Although the shop has only been around since 2020, the company has been creating delicious coffee for more than 12 years.

With interesting drinks such as a prickly pear espresso tonic, a grapefruit and cucumber latte, and a mushroom based coffee, Xanadu is sure to provide a unique experience.

Gold Bar Espresso

Gold Bar Espresso is located in Tempe. This shop has been independently owned and operated since 1994. It’s a great place to listen to some live jazz music, study, or just enjoy coffee with your friends. Enjoy an array of espresso beverages, chai, hot chocolate, and more. Its raspberry chai is a unique but delicious way to enjoy chai tea.

Kream Coffee

Located on Central Ave north of Camelback inside the modern design store “For the People.” Kream is a modern coffee haven. The beans are locally and nationally sourced. Curated by expert baristas, this specialty coffee is an experience for the senses. Stop in for a break from shopping and enjoy a cup of Joe and a pastry.