Man’s best friend may soon become man’s favorite dining companion, too. Many dog-friendly restaurants in Chandler have opened their doors to man’s best friend as a way of creating an all-encompassing environment. One that encourages and supports all members of the community and family, including pets.

“For me, life is all about experiences and having my dog with me when I go out to eat makes the experience better,” said dog owner Emma Fernandez. “It allows us to experience life together.”

Restaurants have seized the opportunity to accommodate their guests by providing an environment for dog owners and their four-legged friends in the form of outside dining patios to even offering a dog-friendly menu to satisfy your dog’s hunger as well as your own. Here are five restaurants in the city of Chandler that are doing the most to welcome your furry companion.

San Tan Brewery, 8 S. San Marcos Place

Downtown Chandler’s most prominent locally owned brewery is also a great place to bring man’s best friend. Dog owners are given the opportunity to dine with their furry companion out on the patio while sipping their favorite brew. Customers can enjoy a drink and a meal while dogs are treated to disposable dishes filled with ice cold water and homemade dog biscuits. The dog treats are made from non-alcoholic spent grains to provide your pup with a tasty peanut butter treat.

“One thing that we provide for the community is that sense that they can feel like they’re at home, being able to sit down, have a drink, and enjoy the surroundings with their pet,” said Joe Sam, general manager at San Tan Brewery.

Ginger Monkey Tavern, 135 W. Ocotillo Road

This bar and restaurant go the extra mile to make sure your dog has just as satisfying of an experience as you. Ginger Monkey Tavern provides customers with a spacious dog-friendly patio as well as set aside menu catering especially to dogs. Elway’s Lounge, named after owner Jackson Armstrong’s French bulldog Elway, is the name of the puppy patio where you and your dog may come for a drink and a puppy patty or any one of the multiple dishes made for dogs. According to general manager Monique Hughes, the tavern is a place that promotes family and community in all shapes and sizes.

“We are very family oriented and pets are a part of the family,” Hughes said. “That is something that we like to represent.”

BLD, 920 W. Germann Road

Bld (Breakfast Lunch Dinner) features farm-fresh and locally owned products. In addition to the diner-style restaurant, the local neighborhood hangout provides a spacious outdoor patio well suited for man’s best friend. Dogs are welcomed any time, any day of the week on the patio.

The Perch, 232 S. Wall Street

Known for its exotic bird collection, The Perch offers an outdoor dining experience unlike any other clad with various dining tables, lounges, greenery and birds. Inside a canopy of trees, shade and misters, the outdoor patio is the perfect place to enjoy a meal in nature with your dog. As long as your furry friend does not mind the company of birds and it is well behaved, customers are allowed to dine on the patio with their pup.

Servers will happily provide your four-legged companion with a water dish as well as a tasty dog treat. The patio provides an atmosphere that not only welcomes and encourages customers to bring in their dogs but also provides a safe space away from the heat all while still enjoying the outdoors.

The Ivy Mediterranean Lounge, 1890 West Germann Road

This unique restaurant is admired not only for its unique and authentic Mediterranean food but also its spacious and decorated patio space. With luscious greenery, couches, and tables, the Ivy provides a relaxing space for citizens and their accompanied canine companions. Dogs are happily invited to lounge with their owners sipping on the provided water dishes. This is a great restaurant for those looking to have a delicious meal and relax in the company of their four-legged friend.

So, if you are looking for a place to relax and enjoy a nice meal with your dog, Chandler’s many dog-friendly locations ensure you are welcomed and provided for.