Thanks to smart home technology, homes are getting progressively smarter and your bathroom amenities should too, including the toilet seat. Smart toilet seats with integrated bidet features are the innovation that not only enhances the design of the bathroom, but also increases consumers overall health, hygiene and monetary savings. 

Bemis’ new Renew and Renew Plus Bidet Cleansing Spa toilet seats allow consumers to enjoy the benefits of a cleansing spa experience from the comfort of their own home in a stylish, low profile seat that does not hinder bathroom design and style. The advanced features of the Renew series Bidet Cleansing Spa toilet seats offer superior cleaning and hygiene to provide lasting freshness.

Toilets with high-tech functions such as heated bidet seats, air dryers, lighting systems, self-cleaning options, and remote-controlled panels are growing in popularity in the U.S., according to market researcher, The Fredonia Group.  In fact, the electronic-toilet market in the U.S. is expected to grow 8.5% annually in the next five years. Americans are spending more on master bathrooms, so there is a growing market for these products and they recognize the many benefits of a bidet seat including decreased waste, reduced plumbing problems and increased hygiene.   

Growth in the bidet seat market can also be attributed to the environmental benefits. Every year, Americans use billions of toilet paper rolls, wiping out millions of trees. With a bidet seat, the small amount of water used is very insignificant compared to the big environmental impact made by the production, transportation, chemicals, and disposal of toilet paper and its packaging.

The Renew series Bidet Cleansing Spa toilet seats provide a warm aerated wash allowing consumers to adjust the water temperature, pressure, spray and nozzle position for a comfortable and thorough clean satisfying any need. The continuous heated water supply ensures consumers will never have to wait for the water to warm up prior to washing. The heated seat feature adds additional warmth and comfort. The touch remote control makes using the seat even easier and convenient for everyday use. The remote retains personalized settings for two users which can be stored and used from anywhere in the bathroom.

The Renew Plus Bidet Cleansing Spa toilet seats offer additional benefits including an automatic deodorizer that neutralizes odors for a continually fresh smelling bathroom. The unique night light illuminates the bathroom with a soothing glow. Renew Plus also features a warm air dryer for a comfortable finish.

“Our new Renew seats provide consumers with the luxury they expect in their homes, while keeping our promise to provide superior cleaning and freshness all day long,” said Melissa Glancey, Vice President Market and Business Development. “Additionally, a bidet seat is beneficial to individuals with limited mobility and can mean the difference between independence and dependence upon others.”

The Renew and Renew Plus Bidet Cleansing Spa toilet seats are easy to install and can be fitted to any toilet bowl. The only necessary item for the seat is a wall outlet near the toilet bowl. The seat can be installed in a few simple steps by an electrician or service professional.  The benefits of a simple installation mean that the seat and lid can be easily removed for cleaning and replacing.

The Renew is available in white with a list price of $899. The Renew Plus is available in white (list $999), biscuit and cotton white (list $1,049).  All models are offered in round and elongated sizes.

Renew seats allow consumers a better way to stay clean and fresh, while also benefiting the environment. Bidets reduce toilet paper waste and decrease plumbing problems. Consumers can go green and feel better about the health of their skin with the Renew Bidet Cleansing Spa™ toilet seats. 

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