Fall is here, the temps are starting to drop and the time when Arizonans think about getting back outside and doing some home improvement projects. What are the top 6 things you can do now to increase your home’s value?  … And what 6 things shouldn’t you waste your money on?

When it comes to selling a house, there’s a huge difference between maintenance and an upgrade. But many Arizona homeowners may not know the difference, and often put money into home projects that they think will yield a big return when they sell, but that’s often not the case. Local real estate expert, Jaqueline Moore of Opendoor, outlines the difference between basic home maintenance and an upgrade that local Phoenix residents should know of if they want to grow the value of their home.

Overall, maintenance prevents your property from falling below market value. Upgrades will raise your home above market value and give it an advantage over other local comps.  In Phoenix, these are the home improvement projects Moore says will and will not add to a home’s value: 

Basic Home Maintenance that will NOT raise the value of a home: 

•   Replacing an old fence with a new fence

•   Getting a brand new roof

•   Replacing a home’s whole HVAC system

•   Re-plastering a pool 

•   Re-piping a home’s entire plumbing system

•   Replacing a home’s older carpet with brand new carpet


Upgrades that will add $$ value to a home:

•   Installing granite countertops in place of formica or tile.

•   Replacing a standard shingle roof with a tile or metal roof

•   Replacing a standard plaster pool finish with Pebble-tec  

•   Building custom built-ins in a key rooms of the home, including the kitchen, master bathroom, and living room

•   Adding smart home technology

•   Professional landscaping with a smart, low-maintenance irrigation system, or weather-appropriate hardscaping.