Because of the pandemic, and the many hours that millions of people have been locked away, home improvements have become a popular hobby once more.

Many people enjoy nothing more than decorating one room after another, or planning how to improve on their kitchen or terrace. With so much time spent at home over the last year or so, it is not surprising that many people have turned their attention to their immediate surroundings.

Instead of going to bars and restaurants, many have gotten used to Netflix and Deliveroo. Home has become more of a castle than ever before, and thoughts have turned to how to improve it.

When it comes to making stylish changes to home decor, neon lights and signs might not be the most obvious choice. However, you might perhaps be missing something if you ignore the classic style of neon.

Why would neon work in a home?

Perhaps for many people, the question should be why wouldn’t neon work in a home? Neon seems to match with images of Miami Vice, Las Vegas, and nightclubs. Not to mention certain adult entertainment spots.

Neon is used in fairgrounds, and outside cinemas. It features in movies, and oh so trendy art galleries.

The place it doesn’t usually feature is in the home. But, that might be a mistake.

Why are neon signs now a talking point?

In the past, traditional neon lights were used to illuminate certain establishments such as theaters and fairgrounds. They were also used in some very creative signage.

Neon signs are used from Japan to Paris. They can be used to illuminate and show the way to bathrooms in bars, and they can advertise household brands such as In-N-Out Burger in Vegas.

The reason they are being talked about now is that the old, traditional neon signs are being replaced. As the world moves towards more sustainable energy, and more environmentally friendly options, neon is going the way of Betamax tapes. Remember them?

The replacement for neon signs is LED lights. There are a variety of reasons why LED lighting is becoming popular, which you can see below, including being versatile.

How can you use LED neon signs?

LED neon signs shouldn’t be completely confused with the more traditional method, but there are some similarities visually.

Neon lights have been used for over a hundred years as strips of white or colored light, and also shaped into logos, words, or images. They advertise establishments, brands, or just help to illuminate.

LED lights can do the same. The difference is they come in the form of flexible plastic tubing or strips, instead of glass. There is no gas involved, and the lighting is completely constant, unlike true neon.

However, they can be used in the same way. They can be made into signs, or used as advertising. There are many available neon signs cheap that can be custom shaped into whatever you might want for your home or business.

Could you really use LED neon signs in the home, and how?

For many, using neon signs in the home may seem odd, and perhaps not stylish. But, with a little thought, a bit of creativity, and the right setting, neon can work.

First, take away the idea of signage and think about neon lights alone. A straightforward neon rod in the corner of a room could create a wonderful ambiance. Your biggest problem will probably be stopping the Star Wars nerd in the family from using it as a lightsaber.

LED neon though is flexible, so it could be used as more than just a straight strip light or rod. Picture a ceiling with LED neon lighting up the edges. Even better if you have a dropped ceiling.

Now, look outside. Do you have decking or a patio? There are many design trends now for terraces, and neon lighting or signage is a unique one. You could turn your terrace into a gathering area for cocktails with friends, with a neon sign.

Wouldn’t LED neon signs just add to your energy bill?

Ah, of course. Lighting costs money. In these days of being more eco-friendly and money conscious, wasting energy is a big consideration.

LED neon wouldn’t have to be an expensive addition. For instance, solar power is easily harnessed these days for many purposes. Security lights, decking lights, pool covers, and all other manner of items use solar energy.

An outside LED neon sign could be solar-powered. However, even if you can’t utilize solar energy, LED lights are more energy-efficient than other choices.

The Zero Waste Family have been advocates of LED lighting for years. They estimate that lighting takes up around 20 percent of their energy bills, so switching to LED lights saved them many, many dollars.

Creative ways to use LED neon signs

The terrace idea wasn’t enough? Ok, well if you like the idea of neon lights or signs but don’t know how to use them, you may need to look at your home.

Perhaps you don’t have a suitable area. There is no point trying to shoe-horn something in to keep up with the latest fashion. It has to work for you. However, there are some simple but effective ways to use LED neon.

If you don’t want a sign but want the neon look, then consider making a lamp out of LED neon. Ask a retailer to shape the neon tubing into a lightbulb that is fitted to a lamp base. Simple, but effective.

If you want to go further though then look for these spots for signs.

• Outdoors – terraces

• Games rooms

• Swimming pool

• Bar

• Attic

• Treehouse

Attic bedrooms for teenagers can be decorated with a neon sign. Games rooms in the basement or garage can benefit from a sign or some logos. A home bar would look good with a custom-made neon sign, such as Paulie’s Irish Bar.

If you need further inspiration, then look no further than the Neon Museum in Las Vegas.

Are LED lights eco-friendly?

These days, many people make purchases with the environment in mind, as well as their bank balances.

Fortunately, LED lighting is a good way to illuminate your business or home, while staying fairly green. Normal incandescent lights last up to 2,000 hours, and when looking at neon, you might get 10 years out of them.

LED lights can last up to 25 years. This is significant when you consider the amount of waste that heads to landfills every year. They are also highly energy efficient.

In the U.S., Petro Store was looking for a way to save on their big energy bills. They switched to LED lighting and saved nearly 70 percent on their utility bills.


Although you may not think of neon signs when looking at making stylish changes to your home decor, lighting can make a huge difference.

The right sort of lighting can affect the ambiance, create atmosphere, and even a sense of fun when done right.

Neon LED signs can be used to personalize a game room, add a touch of fun to a home bar, and add some creativity to your child’s treehouse.

One of the best things about neon LED lighting is that it is an eco-friendly way to decorate your home. Low cost, energy-efficient, and long-lasting. Neon is classical, and LED lights bring it into the future.