Do you want to spend the evening watching an interesting movie? Then quickly open our list of the best comedies, compiled according to the rating of the sites that are needed for a good rest and lifting the mood. You can also find a list of the best comedy movies of all time here.

No offense (2023)

After Maddy, an Uber driver, loses her car to foreclosure, she decides to do everything in her power to find a new job and avoid losing her home. At one point, among the many vacancies, she comes across an unusual offer: the rich parents of a shy teenager offer Maddy to meet their son, with the aim of helping him become more relaxed in communicating with girls. However, finding a common language with the boy turns out to be difficult, and Maddy faces challenges she never expected.

Luxembourg, Luxembourg (2023)

This story tells about two opposite characters twin brothers. They receive news of the death of their father, who left them in childhood in Luxembourg. One of the brothers decides to travel to Luxembourg to say goodbye to his father, while the other tries to convince him to stay in Ukraine.

Kolya is a policeman who believes in order and discipline, while Vasya is a minibus driver who always creates chaos around him. Their different views on life often lead to comical situations. But finally, even for the brothers themselves, the decision to unite and go together to meet their father comes as a surprise. However, will their hopes and expectations come true during this unusual journey?

Dad’s Weekend (2023)

The protagonist exchanges a conversation with his father, Salvo, an Italian immigrant, about his intentions to marry an American woman. Salvo is very faithful to his national traditions and insists on spending the weekend with the bride’s parents.

Personal Driver (2023)

A nervous and tired taxi driver takes the next passenger on board. Madeleine, who is now 92, feels that this is probably her last taxi ride. A woman is heading to a nursing home. Traveling through the streets of the city, she enjoys reminiscing about her youth and the events that filled her life. Madeleine asks the taxi driver to change the route a little in order to take a last look at the places that have a special meaning for her.

Ticket to Paradise (2022)

Lily Cotton, the only daughter of David and Georgia, who are always at odds with each other, separated after five years of marriage. After graduating from law school, Lily goes on a trip to Bali with her friend Ren Butler, who is also her roommate. There she meets an attractive young local man named Gede, who is a seaweed farmer. After a month, Lily suddenly decides to give up her career as a lawyer, get married and stay on the island. The distraught parents put their arguments on hold and fly to Bali with the intention of preventing their daughter from making the same mistake they did 25 years ago.

Character (2021)

The focus is on Guy, a cheerful bank clerk who lives in a metropolis called Free City. Every day of his life according to the same scenario: waking up in the morning, greeting his favorite aquarium fish, he puts on a smooth blue shirt and after drinking a cup of refreshing coffee, he goes to work… Day after day, his life flows calmly, experiencing several robberies committed by powerful people in special glasses. But everything changes when, walking down the street with his friend, Guy unexpectedly meets the girl of his dreams.