Whether you’re celebrating a recent engagement or simply adding a ring to change up the style of your current bridal ensemble, the possibilities for finding the right wedding band are unlimited!

Complete, complementing bridal sets are available at several jewelry retailers. However, you can always create your ring set with a standard women’s wedding band OR go all out with an alternative women’s wedding band inlaid with a unique substance like a meteorite or exotic hardwood.

A wedding band is a symbol of a man’s love and commitment to his fiancée. On the other hand, an engagement ring is generally regarded as a symbol of a man’s readiness to commit to his girlfriend and his plan to marry her. For an engagement ring in Denver, explore our mesmerizing collection.

What’s the point of wearing a wedding band?

The woman is generally surprised with an engagement ring. At a later date, at the formal engagement ceremony, matching wedding bands are given. The wedding band is usually made to match the engagement ring so the two can be worn together. Many women only wear their engagement rings on special occasions, while others regularly wear their wedding bands.

Women’s wedding band styles

Plain bands

These simple bands can be constructed out of any type of metal and designed in a minimalistic style. You might have them made in the same metal and design as your engagement ring to complement your engagement ring. Both you and your fiancé will look great in this.

Shadow Wedding Bands

Shadow bands are named for the way they flawlessly bend and mold the shape of the engagement ring they’re placed firmly beside. They’re rarely worn alone. Some feature several curves and points, while others have a single, discreet curve that fits well against the engagement ring. They are available in a variety of styles, ranging from simple all-metal bands to multi-material and gemstone rings.

Eternity bands

The entire band is encrusted with diamonds or other valuable stones in a continuous circle. Half-eternity rings, which have precious stones just on the front half of the ring, are another option. Eternity bands come in a variety of shapes, including contour and straight, and can be worn alone or with an engagement ring.

Channel Bands

The diamond in the middle appears to be supported by little prongs on both sides, which connect the diamond to the band. These appear a lot like pave bands, but the link between the diamond and the metal strip is what sets them apart.

Straight Bands

Straight bands are so named because of their symmetrical, circular shapes. They can be worn alone or with an engagement ring, depending on the engagement ring style.

Pave bands

The diamonds on these bands are secured in place with small prongs to ensure a continuous shine. French pave bands, mini pave bands, petite pave bands, and other varieties of paving bands are available. These rings take the focus away from the center stone, giving you a unique aesthetic.

Choosing the right customized wedding band

You think your future partner is amazing; their wedding band may be as well. Couples don’t have to settle for mass-produced rings that don’t reflect their unique personalities. The best part is that, contrary to popular assumptions, custom jewelry is simple to make and frequently costs less. To make your own one-of-a-kind wedding band, follow the steps below.

Choose the Wedding band style

You may have a basic notion of what you want your wedding band to look like. However, to make sure you’re aware of all of your possibilities, spend some time looking through a few jewelers’ websites or in-store displays to get a sense of the wedding band styles you favor. You might have them made in the same metal and design as your engagement ring to complement your engagement ring.

Select the right metal and material

After you’ve decided on a broad design, you’ll need to choose metal and materials to complete it. If you want your wedding band to match your engagement ring, you’ll need to go with the same metal and style. Among other things, you can choose from a selection of metals, coatings, and material designs. It’s important to remember that creating a one-of-a-kind ring takes time. You can choose Denver Diamond to select your perfect metal for your wedding band.

Decide If You Want Gemstones

If you have a modest engagement ring, your wedding band could contain your favorite color or birthstone. Blue sapphire, ruby, emerald, topaz, amethyst, or yellow sapphire are some examples of colorful gemstone selections for rings. Choose one that matches the design and materials of your wedding band.

Decide your budget

Determine a comfortable pricing range when you’ve got a broad sense of what you desire. You might be asking why this isn’t the first step, but there’s a reason for that. When creating custom rings, you have a lot of choices with materials of various budgets that can still offer you the desired look and style. If the costs exceed your budget, you can select to modify your wedding band.

Discuss your ideas with an expert jeweler

Bring your ideas, sketches, photos, and other similar wedding band designs to an expert jeweler like Denver Jewelers once you’ve decided what you want. Also, look up your jeweler’s work online and read reviews from previous clients to determine the quality of his work. Inquire about his work as well.

Determine your finger size and dimensions

Once you’ve selected a jeweler, they’ll be able to establish your ring size. Make sure the dummy ring fits you properly and isn’t too tight or too loose. The size of your ring will be influenced by the width of your wedding band.

Place your order

As previously said, the creation of a custom ring can take weeks, so order your custom ring at least two months before your wedding date to assure delivery in time for your big day. You can also prefer Custom Jewelry in Denver to make your best day special.

Final Thoughts

After reading this blog, we hope you have a better grasp of your wedding ring selections. This is a huge life decision that should only be made after much thought. Choose a design that will survive the test of time because you’ll be wearing it every day. Finally, your ring should last for a long time.