We never know how much rain to expect in the autumn months, so be prepared for a storm or a light drizzle. Investing in an eco-friendly raincoat will keep you dry without harming the environment and is a crucial part of anyone’s wardrobe when transitioning from summer to autumn.

Make sure the raincoat is PFC free

Harmful PFCs (per-and polyfluorinated compounds) can be used in water repellent coating on jackets, if you want to be sustainable, it’s important to avoid items containing these chemicals. Once chemicals are released, they can be bad for the environment, causing an impact on our health. It’s definitely possible to find brands that don’t use PFCs, luckily many are putting in the effort to minimize the usage of chemicals.

Decide on a style to suit your figure 

Make it a priority to choose a raincoat style that suits your figure; it could be a parka jacket, mac raincoat, a Rains puffer jacket or a short jacket. It’s best to consider how warm you want to be in the autumn months. If you live somewhere particularly cold, it’s worth investing in a padded coat like a puffer jacket. However, if you would like something more lightweight to carry around just in case of showers, you might like to go for a mac or trench coat.

A hood and pockets are essential

Many brands sell waterproof coats that don’t have a hood; we would recommend finding a raincoat that definitely does have one as nobody likes wet hair. This will save you buying an umbrella and having an extra item to remember when you’re rushing to leave the house. Along with a hood, pockets can be a game-changer for anyone carrying their purse, phone, or smaller items in their coat. You will save money if your raincoat has pockets and a hood as there will be no need to buy a water-resistant bag or umbrella.

Remember durability is a key factor when considering sustainability

Before purchasing your sustainable raincoat, make sure it will last you a long time, sometimes it’s worth spending a little more to ensure the coat will last you a long time. It’s more sustainable to buy a great quality raincoat that will last you a few years than a cheaper piece that might only get worn for a few months, fast fashion never wins!

Look of for brands that use recycled material

You will be successful when it comes to sustainability if you can find a brand that uses recycled fabrics. As you can imagine, it isn’t easy to recycle a raincoat due to the blend of materials and the waterproof finish on most pieces. Although it is possible to find brands that offer repairs for raincoats or resale of old raincoats, this is all worth considering before buying.

Shopping sustainably is always a big advantage for the environment, the more we support eco-friendly brands, the happier the planet will be. Do your bit for the environment this autumn and invest in a water-resistant, eco-friendly raincoat to keep you dry.