Many people hate the winter season for several reasons but most especially because it is extremely cold with very dry air. The dry air during winter usually results in most people suffering from dry skin, nose irritations, dry nose, and even cracked lips. To limit these effects, it is important to get Everlasting Comfort Cool Mist Humidifier for Bedroom (6L) – Filterless, Quiet, Ultrasonic – Large Room Home Air Diffuser with Essential Oil Tray (Black) to make the home more comfortable.

Humidifiers are essential because they help in moisturizing the air around the home and prevent dryness which can result in irritation in several parts of the skin. Humidifiers help in controlling the air in the home which makes them effective when it comes to treating issues related to skin dryness, nose irritation, and cracked lips. They are also good when it comes to treating symptoms related to flu and the common cold.

Humidifier sizes

Generally, humidifiers are grouped to fall under the console humidifiers or the portable otherwise known as personal humidifiers.

Console units

These units are made to moisturize the whole house. They are usually quite big made with wheels that aid in easy mobilization. They control moisturizers are designed to moisturize one room.

Personal units

The portable or personal units/humidifiers are literally the smallest types of humidifiers and are perfect for people in need of a humidifier while on a trip.

Central humidifiers

The central humidifier is built directly into the home’s AC or any available heating unit. Amongst the different types of humidifiers, the central units top the list as the most costly and are perfect for people who want to moisturize or humidify the entire house. The central humidifiers are also good because they do not produce steam.


The evaporator humidifier releases moisture through an inbuilt moistened filter. The humidifier is made up of fans that control the unit and release the moisturized air or humidity into the room from the system which is a single unit.

The evaporators are cheaper than central humidifiers but they are designed to function in a single room at a time. They are also fond of releasing too much moisture in the air which makes them not good for people who are asthmatic since they have the probability of increasing the growth of mold or getting the room moist at a faster pace.

Impeller humidifiers

The impeller humidifiers function with the aid of spinning disks that turn at a lofty pace. These humidifiers are quite affordable. These humidifiers are one of the top child-friendly humidifiers since they produce moderately cold moist and there is no risk of any burn. This humidifier works just in a single room like evaporators.

Steam vaporizers

Steam vaporizers are powered electrically. They function by heating water and cooling it off before sending it out to the air. They are the most low-cost and moveable humidifiers which makes them a good choice for people who are always mobile.

Ultrasonic humidifiers

These humidifiers are known to generate cool mist with the aid of ultrasonic vibration. Their prices differ which greatly depends on the size the user needs for their home. Both the warm and cool mist designs are available at Everlasting Comfort. The cool mist ultrasonic humidifier is a good choice for homes with kids.