Home renovation or remodeling is getting very popular these days. More and more homeowners choose to stay in the same place rather than purchasing a new home. But when you renovate your house, you are flooded with many questions.

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From ideas to budget to tools, everything needs to fall in places. But often, you are not sure how to go about with the plan. There are different types of home renovation projects that demand various specific tools. Worry not; there are simple things you can keep in mind before proceeding with your perfect home renovation project.


Adding a new room (or rooms) is also very popular. Often families with two or more children have not enough space. They often resort to new rooms but utilising the space in their basement. However, adding room to the basement could be for other purposes too,like to create space for your office, or a separate room for your children.

Please note that these alterations are a major consideration, as it involves the alteration of the home’s internal structure. Some of the tools you will require for the renovation of the basement are professional paint sprayers for cabinets, staple guns for fastening one material to another, drill for making holes and tape measure to determine the length of any area in question and carry out the construction accordingly.

Kitchen renovation

Renovating or remodeling the kitchen is the most popular and significant type of home renovation. It is also the best way to increase the home’s value if put on the market value. A kitchen renovation is done for various reasons, such as improving the usable space, updating the appliances and cabinets, etc.

Apart from the generic tools, certain specific tools are needed to dispense off the kitchen renovation. For instance, oscillating tools for making small cutouts in your drywall, long level for leveling your cabinets, multi-meter for testing outlets just in case your kitchen is wired wonky, etc. 

Bathroom renovation

Bathroom renovations are generally not on the same scale as a kitchen renovation. It is because they can involve plumbing, rendering the bathroom usable during the process. Bathroom renovation is done to increase luxury within a home and help a family save water and electricity with green fixtures.

Some must-have tools you should carry are listed below for your kind perusal.

1. Rigid tubes: This tool will help you install pipes and get along with other plumber work.

2. Tube cutter: This tool facilitates to get a perfect cut and end. This will help to attach the pipes to any attachment like sink, etc. 

3. Auto-cut tools: These are used to cut the copper. You need to clamp it on and then rotate it in the direction of the arrow depicted on the tool. After a few rotations, you’ll get a nice clean cut on your copper pipes. This only takes a few seconds to cut the copper pipes.

Basement renovation

Finishing a basement is one of the best ways to add usable space to the home. They can be transformed into recreational areas. For instance, they can be your full bedroom sets, or they might be used as movie rooms, game rooms, in-law suits, etc. These renovations involve an immense amount of work and design. Some of the tools you need to have are, for instance,

1. Hammer: Though you can go with the air framing or air trim guns, you’ll be tapping and adjusting the wall framing. This is where the hammer comes into your rescue.

2. Carpenter square a.k.a. “speed square”: This tool is extensively used during basement projects. You’ll find yourself pulling this tool out of your pouch during the framing, electric, plumbing, trim stages a lot.

3. Utility knife: This is one such tool that is used in one way or the another during every single day of the basement projects. You can go with models that have sliding-hiding blades to ensure safety. This tool facilitates you to sharpen your carpenter pencil, strip wires, and cut insulation, etc.

Adding a new bathroom

For homes that have fewer bathrooms than is ideal, adding one is a very popular choice. This might be done to provide a private bathroom to the children, or creating one for the guests alone, etc. However, these are major undertakings, because of plumbing consideration.

It is recommended to approach the skilled general contractor to manage and oversee the entire process. The tools have already been mentioned in the previous section.