Top 3 worst texters based off personality type   

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Communication skills are crucial in 2020, in the workplace and in your personal life. Each person has a unique behavioral style which determines their communication style. At TTI Success Insights, we learn about behavior through assessments. One of our most popular assessments is DISC,  which stands for dominance, influence, steadiness and compliance. 

An individual’s DISC profile reveals a lot about them, including their communication style. It might give you some insight into their texting style, as well as revealing the personality types that are the worst texters

If you have ever wanted to throw your phone in frustration as a response to a friend’s way of messaging, you will be familiar with these three types of texters. If you have never been in that situation, look out. You might be the poor texter! 

1. The Quadruple Replier

Ping! You have got a text. You are in the middle of a reply when ping! Another. Ping! Another?! The Quadruple Replier does not give you time to breathe, much less gather your thoughts for a good reply to all their thoughts. And they have plenty. 

Jaime Faulkner is the content manager for TTI Success Insights.

The Quadruple Replier is likely a Direct Communicator. Direct Communicators are fast moving, task oriented, and like leading with results. They do not take the time to edit themselves, which is why the texts happen in such rapid succession. You are getting their stream of consciousness. 

If this sounds like you, take time to slow down. Not everyone is as fast paced as you are, and what you think is natural is overwhelming for others. Think it through and make each text count for clearer communication. 

2. Too. Much. Emphasis

In a DISC assessment, a High I score indicates an Outgoing Communicator. This personality type is people oriented, expressive, and thrive off interaction. They also use way too many exclamation points!!! 

People have a harder time reading tone over text, which leads to miscommunication. We have all received a mundane text made ominous by a period or ellipsis… right? Since Outgoing Communicators love, well, communicating, they will overcompensate with lots of punctuation and emojis. Unfortunately, this can muddle meaning, or even come across as sarcasm!!!!!!!!! 

If this communication style sounds like you, put more thought into your word choice and less thought into what your next string of emojis will be. This way, your intent will not be misunderstood. 

3. The Ghost

Have you ever been in the middle of a good conversation with someone when they just go silent? It leaves you wondering if you said the wrong thing, or if something happened to them, when really, you have just been ghosted. 

The culprit is a Dynamic communicator. This behavioral type is fast moving and flexible. They are great at pivoting and switching from project to project, but sometimes, texting you back is the project and they are onto the next text. 

If you are guilty of ghosting, do not be afraid to end a conversation. Letting someone know you are unable to focus on a conversation right now is not rude; it is the politest course of action. Make sure to follow up later, though! 

Texting is convenient, but make sure you are aware of possible pitfalls, so the convenience does not cause more problems later. Follow good texting etiquette if these sounded familiar and extend a little empathy if you are on the receiving end of some of these texts. 

If you want to learn what your primary behavioral style is, take the Working From Home Report from TTI Success Insights. It is quick, accurate, and will give you personalized do’s and don’ts for communication. It is also free!


Jaime Faulkner is the content manager for TTI Success Insights.

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