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Coronavirus and vaccination rates — how Arizona ranks

The world is waiting for a coronavirus vaccine to return to normal, but will enough people take it?

A new study examining vaccination rates in America shows Arizona currently has the No. 31 highest percentage of children taking recommended vaccinations.  

More than 150 vaccines are in development and the White House and Dr. Fauci are optimistic we could see one by the end of 2020.  

However, there has been a growing anti-vaccination movement in recent years that led to the resurgence of measles and mumps; and a June ABC/Washington Post poll found 27% of Americans are unlikely to take a COVID-19 vaccine. today released a study on Coronavirus and Vaccination Rates in America after analyzing the most recent data from the CDC.

With so much at stake, it is important to examine how enthusiastic states have been in the past.

Here are several key findings in Arizona

• Arizona ranks No. 31 with 84.4% of children taking vaccinations for DTaP, MMR, varicella and polio. The national average is 85%. Alaska ranks last at 78.7%.

• Arizona has the 2nd most Coronavirus cases per capita in U.S. at 1831.6 per 100,000 as of July 15

• 42.6% of Arizonans took the flu vaccine in 2018-19 which is below the national average of 46%.  Nevada ranks last at 33.9%.