Top 5 ultimate home luxuries for your house

Lifestyle | 26 Oct |

Since the pandemic began, people all over the world have been spending more time at home than ever before. For some, that time has been filled with boredom and longing for the freedom of the outside world – but for others, it has inspired major home renovation projects.

If you had been saving for expensive pre-COVID events or overseas travel, you may find that you’ve got a surplus of cash sitting in your bank account, and now is the perfect time to invest it into your home.

When you think about it, wouldn’t you love to love the space you’re spending most of your time in? Any extended lockdown would seem easier in a more luxurious home – so let’s talk about a few of the ultimate home luxuries. 

Home sauna

When you need some time and space to relax, your home sauna is the place to be. Beyond the much-needed and well-deserved leisure time, saunas also offer more health benefits than you can count on one hand. Some of the most notable benefits include increased blood flow, better sleep, less stress, relief from conditions like high blood pressure and muscle spasms, and even improved brain health.

Even if you are a regular sauna user, the fear of sharing small enclosed spaces with strangers at the gym may well have turned you off at the height of COVID – but with your very own sauna at home, there’ll be no reason to miss out.

Not ready to commit to a full installation? You can still get a taste of the premium sauna experience with a custom built sauna

Plunge pool

Once you’re done taking in the heat and the sauna’s health benefits, it’s time to cool off – and where better to do that than in your very own plunge pool?

A plunge pool is a perfect way to cool off after a long day in lockdown – and a great excuse to reap the benefits of spending time outdoors for a little longer each day. Plunge pools typically measure between four to seven metres in length and two to three metres in width, and they are often fairly shallow, coming in at two metres or less in depth. 

These pools are ideal for adults who don’t need the novelty of a larger play pool or the stress of cleaning it each week – and if you’re investing in the upgrade for your kids’ sake, you’ll love how easy it is to keep a watchful eye on them while they cool off.

The luxury of true relaxation: a woman floating in her pool.

Home elevator

Living in a multi-storey house has plenty of perks – the extra space, climate control, and views, to name a few – but climbing those stairs every day can get pretty tiresome over time. A home elevator is a perfect solution, especially if you live with an elderly person (or if you’re feeling the pinch of time yourself!).

There are just a few things you’ll need to understand before buying. The main considerations include:

• Safety standards. All elevators in Australia must adhere to strict safety standards as outlined in the Australian Elevator Association Handbook.

• Building materials. Generally, elevator cars and most other components of the system are made from steel, although you can have other materials such as timber and fabric incorporated into the design of your elevator.

• Space requirements and positioning in your home. In order to have your elevator car made to fit dimensions that suit you and your home, you’ll need to know exactly how much space you can afford to lose from your existing structure. If you’re unsure how much space you’ll need inside the elevator, consider starting with a standard platform size of 1250 mm x 800 mm.

With the right construction team on your side, you’re only weeks away from the ultimate high-class home addition. All that’s left to do is jump in and take your home to the next level!

Home cinema

Your family cinema outings might have been limited recently, but there’s no need to miss out – not when you can recreate the cinema experience in the comfort of your own home!

Home cinema specialists sell full surround sound systems, screens, projectors, and everything else you’ll need to enjoy your favourite movies to the full without setting foot in a public theatre.

All you have to think about is which room you’re going to convert – and at the selection stage, there are a few key requirements you’ll need to consider:

• Painting the walls and ceiling. In most rooms of the house, dark paint is a no-go, but in a cinema, it’s the only way to guarantee the best possible viewing experience.

• Limiting ambient light and sound and reflective objects. Each of these things can have a significant impact on your ability to see and hear your favourite movies.

• Selecting and placing your seating. Comfortable seats are a must for any long-term viewing, and once you find the perfect ones, you’ll want to test out a few different positions in the room to optimise your viewing experience.

AI smart home technology

Artificial intelligence is the ultimate in luxurious home additions, allowing you to have full control over your home and daily routine with ease.

Between digital assistants like Alexa and Siri and the development of smart smoke alarms and lighting and temperature control, modern technology has left us with fewer things to worry about than ever before.

Then, as your smart home systems learn your routine and habits, they also learn to work together to keep you comfortable and happy at home. Is there anything more luxurious than that? 

Creating a truly luxurious home is the ultimate ongoing project, sure to keep every homeowner busy even during the most unusual of circumstances. Your house should be a place where you can enjoy spending time, no matter what’s happening in the world around you – and if you make your additions with this in mind, you’ll always feel at home there.

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