Like any skill, practice makes perfect. There is no magic formula to getting an ideal shot first time. However, there are several ways you can learn to utilise different factors to make your images really pop. Experimenting with these elements can help you gauge what looks right for individual shots and how to make the most of any photo opportunity.

So if you’re looking to make your photos look more professional, check out these handy tips to try on your next shoot.


Most people will say capturing the best shot is all about lighting. Some apps can help improve the light. However, if you can make use of interesting and optimum lighting scenarios, it will make your photo stand out. Lighting is essential in a photo as it highlights what you are taking a picture of. This factor can also create exciting aspects of a photo and bring unique features to life.

If you are taking landscape photos, lighting is everything. To capture better features and detail, timing is vital. It’s a great idea to look at capturing the scenery in the morning at sunrise or later in the evening around sunset. It’s called golden hour for a reason, and it will create some beautiful imagery if you capture it right. Taking a photo in the middle of the day, especially when you have a lot of sunlight to deal with is more challenging. It can often blare the subject and hide features.

For portrait photos, using artificial lighting is a great way to get the best effects. When you’re inside, you can’t guarantee the light situation. Still, you can get creative with shadows or even sun directly onto the face.


For imagery, you want to capture up-close; your zoom function will become your best friend. Many modern cameras will have a tight zoom function that allows you to totally zoom in on the subject, and the background will become a slight blur. These photos look incredible if you are looking to get a detailed shot. They also work well for different types of subjects such as people at weddings or flowers in your local park.

In most cases, you can’t really go wrong with zooming techniques. The central aspect to consider is the subject of the photo and how it translates with the desired shot. It’s also one of the most used functions on your camera, so see how tight you can zoom to get the desired shot.

Digital enhancements

While you might have fantastic imagery, there is always a charm about using digital styling to really make them stand out. There are numerous apps you can use to enhance imagery, and Lightroom is an example of this. This app does everything from retouching pictures to changing the temperature and tone. You can also apply creative filters to the image to give it a completely different feel. These filters are called pre-sets, and there are numerous options available depending on the effect you are looking for. Lightroom has its own pre-sets to play around with. However, there is the option of buying others to get creative on your snaps. These apps also enable you to experiment with subtle changes to your images. Plus you can also remove things from the background and change elements to make it more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. When you start using these apps, you will also be able to create different versions of the same picture to compare effects. This will probably use a lot of space so opting for Unlimited cloud storage for photos will give you all the freedom you need to get creative.

Getting to grips with Lightroom and Photoshop can take some time to learn, but it’s a fun process. There are numerous courses available and YouTube videos to guide you also.

Check out other work for inspiration

There are lots of creative people around and none more so than social media. You only have to look at photography hashtags on Instagram to find some of the most inspiring imagery around. It’s a great idea to check out these platforms for inspiration and get a feel for the type of pictures you want to achieve. You may also find helpful tips and guidance from professionals on there too to help you make the most of your journey.

These are just some of the main aspects of taking a great photo. The main thing to know is that every art takes practice to master so just have fun with it.