Have you ever seen or heard about people who have taken outrageously cheap flights? I’m talking roundtrip tickets to Paris for $90 or an adventure to Beijing for $200.  

My co-founder Craig and I are ex-Facebookers that just launched Moonfish for Phoenicians to help everyone take advantage of these deals and book their dream getaways. 

A question we get quite often is – how exactly does one get cheap fares? And how is Moonfish different from a traditional travel site like Kayak or Expedia? There are two secrets to getting the best flights: (1) flexibility and (2) personalized search. The more you have of one, the less you need of the other. But when you have both, magic happens.  

Flexibility is simple. Most traditional travel sites like Expedia or Kayak ask you for your constraints – what is your origin, destination, and travel dates – and give you prices to book right now (i.e. I want to travel from Phoenix to Tokyo from Dec 1 to Dec 8th – and I want to book now).  This is one way to travel – but there are at least 3 others:

• I want to travel from Phoenix to somewhere on a holiday weekend

• I want to travel from Phoenix to Tokyo at some point in time

• I live in Phoenix and want to travel more. Help me figure out when and where without my spending hours of time. I just want it to be a great destination and a great deal.

If the above sounds like you, we built Moonfish to scours billions of flights across origin airports, destination airports, and travel dates – specifically matched to your preferences on where you want to go and what you want to do. We match people who love beaches with flight deals to Bali and Cancun, urban explorers to Tokyo and London, and skiers to Aspen and Niseko. This might sound simple, but we process terabytes of flight data behind the scenes to magically find the best flights – and we notify people on their email or on our website when the perfect deal hits, so they don’t need to worry about manually searching or be anxious about the price of the deal. 

Currently, Moonfish has a free version and a premium subscription (at $24/year). We wanted to give a special daily deal to everyone – but for folks who want to support our small team of 3, we wanted to offer them 10x as many deals, 5x the savings, more rare fares, and faster notifications. Moonfish is currently available in Phoenix, Philadelphia, and Detroit and we plan to expand availability to 150+ cities across the U.S. within the next year. If you have questions or just want to chat, feel free to reach out at hello@moonfish.com 

George Zeng is the Co-Founder and CEO of Moonfish. He and Co-Founder/CTO Craig Campbell met while working at Facebook. They started Moonfish to offer consumers access to better travel deals without having to spend countless hours scanning the internet. For more information, visit https://moonfish.com