Private Jetaway launches ultraluxe service for revenge travel

As the travel and tourism industry continues to open from the COVID-19 pandemic, Phoenix-based Private Jetaway, a luxury travel company with private jet-to-villa turn-key packages, continues to enhance their services with “Revenge Travel”. After being stuck at home for over a year, Americans are hitting the roads and skies in droves. Revenge travel is a dominating factor as many households make summer plans to visit family and play tourist.

Revenge travel is a fun new term for travelers. This year people are more eager to go on vacation and less willing than ever before to cancel their plans in the wake of coronavirus shutdowns-and this trend shows no sign of slowing down! Many travelers are getting vaccinated just for an opportunity at revenge travels after being stuck home this past year; but now it is time they head out into the world once again.

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“We are here to make that experience comfortable and convenient while incorporating proper protocols,” says Wayne J. Rizzi, President of Private Jetaway. “Unlike other private jet and luxury travel companies that piecemeal their partnerships, Private Jetaway offers ultraluxe packages inclusive of ground transport, private jet and luxury villa intricately designed for each valued guest with one call.”

As an example, Private Jetaway partnered with both Elegant Mexico, whose portfolio offers luxury private villa rentals at the heart of Los Cabos, and the Zadún, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve, the latest resort in the prestigious Ritz-Carlton Reserve portfolio in San José del Cabo. Private Jetaway offers their “UltraLuxe Jet-to-Villa Retreat” packages with both partners.

UltraLuxe Jet-to-Villa Retreat

• A fusion of private jet, ground transport and luxury villa in a turn-key bow tied package.

• Wellness-vetted private jets, ground transport and luxury destinations together in a safe intimate experience for families, friends, and colleagues.

• The partnerships flawlessly compliment the personalized UltraLuxe travel experience being sought after by discerning travelers.