A group of business and property owners who have been living in, working in, and traveling to Puerto Peñasco (also known as Rocky Point) for decades say that spring breakers should not have any fears in traveling to the serene beach town. Members of the Peñasco Business Coalition are speaking out to say that the road to their town is incredibly safe.

“Spring Break is an exciting time to visit Rocky Point, as the weather begins to warm and there are plentiful activities to do for young people, families, retirees, and anyone else,” said Keith Allen, Director of Sales of Encantame Towers, a new condo development that is being constructed south of Rocky Point and a founding member of the Peñasco Business Coalition. “Locals and business owners are ready to welcome those looking for their Spring Break oasis.”

Allen points out that the highway from Lukeville, Arizona, to Rocky Point has been designated a “Safety Corridor” by the governments of Arizona and Sonora and is continuously monitored by authorities and volunteers.

For those concerned about long wait times at the Lukeville port of entry, Allen advises visitors to utilize the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol website to view estimated wait times for entry. He adds it is recommended to plan ahead and check the wait time trends to avoid the longest wait times.

Spring breakers who may be worried about reports of violence in Mexico should also know that any incidents have happened hundreds of miles away from Rocky Point on the other side of the country.

“We are always saddened to hear reports of violence in Mexico, but rest assured, Rocky Point has one of the lowest levels of crime in Mexico. Avoiding travel to Rocky Point because of news reports would be akin to avoiding travel to Phoenix because of reports of violence in Los Angeles. Furthermore, Rocky Point’s local law enforcement is constantly working hard to ensure our residents and visitors are comfortable and have a wonderful experience in Rocky Point.”

The Mayor of Puerto Peñasco, Kiko Munro, also insists that Rocky Point is safe to travel to, reminding visitors that there is no U.S. travel advisory about traveling to Rocky Point.

Travel to Rocky Point has been on the rise since 2011, launching the tourism recovery period following the Great Recession. In 2011, more than 500 thousand personal vehicle passengers were recorded crossing the Lukeville Port of Entry. Border crossings have steadily increased year-over-year, tripling to more than 1.5 million crossings in 2019.

In 2019, Forbes ranked Rocky Point as one of the Top 10 Spring Break Destinations, citing its close distance to Arizona metropolitan areas and seaside activities.