More than 400,000 Americans spend their silver years retire overseas in other countries.

While the US is great, you can get more bang for your buck if you retire overseas. Plus, you can trade in boring landscapes for breathtaking views.

If you’re considering retiring elsewhere, keep reading. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the most idyllic locations to retire overseas in.


Thailand is a popular destination with millennials who are digital nomads. This is because the country not only has scenery perfect for postcards but also because the cost of living is very low.

As you’d expect, Thailand is tropical and humid, with no cold winters. If you suffer from joint problems like arthritis, you’ll find significant relief here.

Also, this country has very decent private hospitals where visits cost as little as $10. Since aging comes with a myriad of health problems, it’s reassuring to know you can get your issues taken care of without spending a fortune.

There’s also a large expat community in Thailand, so you’ll be able to make new friends with no problems.


Ibiza is a small Spanish island. It’s usually known for its rave scene with younger British crowds, but it’s also a fantastic place to spend your silver years in.

There are more than 300 days of sunshine on this island, and the weather is still quite warm even in the winter. If you enjoy visiting the UK, you’ll be pleased to know there are not only year-round flights to Stansted, but also a number of summer flights to other UK airports too.

Take a look at these luxury villas in Ibiza for sale and try telling us you don’t want to retire there. It’ll be like living in a resort, but all to yourself!


In 2019, Panama was at the top of the Annual Global Retirement Index. While it’s tropical, you won’t have to worry about harsh weather since it’s outside the hurricane belt.

If you retire in other countries, you have to switch your savings and retirement fund into different currencies. But not in Panama; they use the US dollar.

Also, you won’t have to learn a new language. The majority of people speak English in Panama, so you won’t experience a language barrier.

If you enjoy Central America but want to live in a First World city, Panama’s where to go. Plus, it’s pretty closeby to the US, so if you want to go home to visit friends and family, you can easily do so.


Malaysia has a good combination of beautiful beaches and pristine rainforests. Cost of living is super low, as well as healthcare costs.

If you want to travel all across Asia, you’ll be able to easily do so from Malaysia. Penang’s International Airport has many direct flights to other Asian airports, so you can see various parts of the continent every weekend if you desire.

Retire Overseas in Paradise

If you’ve always wanted to retire overseas, it may be more doable than you think! Perhaps our list above is enough to convince you to put your retirement plans in action and pursue a dreamy life abroad.

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