Top tourist attractions in Tennessee to visit In 2021

Above: The Great Smoky Mountains are a mountain range rising along the Tennessee–North Carolina border. (Image by AnnBoulais from Pixabay) Lifestyle | 15 Jan, 2021 |

People go on tours to take a break from their everyday mundane routines, as they want to enjoy stress-free time away from the hustle-bustle of regular lives. A few days off from work and a gap in daily activities give them a respite and lift their spirits. They feel more energized while resuming their everyday lives. As per experts, a vacation a year is not a luxury; instead, they regard it as necessary. It gives life to one’s soul and enhances productivity in general. Most people prefer taking a vacation to a place which is different from their home town. People living in tropical areas prefer touring to colder regions, metropolitan cities’ inhabitants carve for natural life. While people from rural areas want to take a vacation in cosmopolitan cities.

The year 2020 forced people to change their tourism plans as countries closed their borders amid COVID-19. People are craving a vacation and are looking forward to taking one in 2021. The state of Tennessee is famous for its exotic barbeque and its picturesque scenery, but it has much more to offer. Tennessee welcomes a plethora of tourists every year, and those who visit this place once, cannot wait to come back again.

Tennessee is a vast area and offers a variety of fun-to-do things for tourists. Below we are listing some tourist attractions in this central-southeastern state of the United States:


The small town of Gatlinburg is rich in natural beauty and is a fantastic place to start your tour. The area offers mesmerizing views, pure air, and natural beauty. Accommodation is not an issue here in Gatlinburg cabins are available to provide comfort to the tourists. The border between North Carolina and The Appalachian goes from the middle of the park. Tourists can enjoy several recreational activities, such as hiking, camping, majestic sights of waterfalls and wildlife, and fishing. Inhabitants suggest touring during springs as it is the best time to hike, and nature is in full bloom during that time. Sugarland is a beautiful valley there, and from Cades Cove, tourists can see picturesque meadows, mountain views, and pioneer homesteads. An adventurous soul can put a camp in the park and spend a night in the woods.


Aquarium offers spellbinding views and gives an illusion of natural underwater life. Tennessee Aquarium is enormous, as two buildings feature it and offer River Journey and Ocean Journey. Marine enthusiasts can learn a lot about frogs, otters, catfish, jellyfish, and turtles. People consider this place a wonder of the world as it accommodates more than 9000 species that swim in the freshwater. The River Journey is the highlight of the Tennessee Aquarium. It provides tourists a chance to watch marine life closely.


People believe that Rock music originated from Home of Gospel and Blues Music in Memphis. The great musician of all time, Elvis got his first break here, and thus, the place holds prominence. Memphis Rock n Soul Museum is a popular tourist attraction. Music lovers enjoy the highlights of American music maestros from 1930 to the 1970s. The STAX Museum of American Soul and The Sun Studio are also nearby, and visitors feel nostalgic while exploring these unique places.


People from far away lands visit Graceland Building to give tribute to the famous rock n roll artist Elvis Presley. The mansion appears like a warehouse and exhibits the star’s outrageous outfits; his journey to stardom, influence, and the place also gives tourists a glimpse into the rockstar’s life. The area offers an unforgettable experience to travelers as they feel they have met the star in person.


Many states in the United States have some memories of the war, which significantly affected those places. During the deadly conflict, many battles occurred in Tennessee. Tennessee is perhaps the most affected one. The officials have preserved the memories, which have become tourists attraction, especially to those who have a keen interest in history. Visitors get a sobering experience while paying Fort Donelson National Battlefield and Shiloh National Military Park visits, as they contain more than 3500 Union graves. Another historical significance is Chickamauga-Chattanooga National Military Park, where the famous Battle Above the Cloud happened. A visit to these places evokes emotions of patriotism in people.


Travelers who are fond of Science must-visit Oak Ridge as it offers insight into nuclear energy’s history. Visitors learn about the museum’s role in the development of the Manhattan Project and the Nuclear Bomb. Oak Ridge also displays weaponry, armors, and tools, which scientists used on the site. The significant part is that visitors get a chance to have a hands-on experience of robotics and static-electricity.


As the name implies, the Cotton Museum is related to the cotton industry. Tennessee was the thriving cotton production hub. It is a historical yet cultural museum. A trip to the museum gives visitors an insight into how blue music played a vital part in Southern slaves’ lives’ who worked hard on cotton plantations. Tourists can help themselves through a self-guided audio tour of the center of the global cotton trade.


Tennessee is a versatile state, and the place offers something to people of all ages. Music lovers get a chance to dive into Elvis Presley’s lives, and nature enthusiasts can trail and hike on the Great Smoky Mountains. In comparison, science lovers can visit the American Museum of Science and Energy. Historian also has plenty of places to explore. The state does not bore anyone, and people always go back to their homes with a promise of returning soon.

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